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AAPM Annual Meeting

Jul 25th, 2021

Join us at our virtual booth.

8 New Products. 1 Incredible Brand.


QA Pilot

Cloud-Based management tools to elevate your QA.

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DoseView Software

Combines 1D and 3D scanning.

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Adaptivo AAPM


The Patient Dosimetry software you need.

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QA StereoChecker

Simplicity, Workflow, and Results Reimagined.

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Exradin AAPM

Exradin W2 MR Scintillator

Now configured for use with MR-Linacs.

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Struct Sure AAPM

StructSure, AI QA

QA software for AI-based contouring engines.

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Cyber Cross AAPM


Alignment without the hassle. New for CyberKnife®.

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Constancy Check AAPM

Constancy Check Phantom

An easy constancy check without the need for a radiation source.

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Live Webinars

Register to join us. Discover how our integrated solutions can solve your QA challenges and learn about popular topics in QA with our live webinars presented by our experts.

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Jul 25th, 2021 / AAPM Vendor Talk: Patient Specific QA Throughout Treatment

Join Mary Napolitano PhD, Standard Imaging Product Manager, during her AAPM talk. Must be registered for AAPM to attend.
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Jul 26th, 2021 / Small Field Measurement with MR compatibility

New! Your favorite water equivalent detector just got better! Now available in a configuration designed for use with MR-linacs, the Exradin W2MR Scintillator easily handles tight treatment fields. Part of our AAPM webinar series.
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Jul 27th, 2021 / Streamline 1D and 3D Scans with DoseView

New! The first of its kind, new DoseView software has 1D and 3D scanning integration with customizable data collection. With components from our revolutionary 3D Software, the functionality and capabilities of the DoseView 1D system have expanded for an integrated software solution. Part of our AAPM webinar series.
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Jul 28th, 2021 / Intelligent AI Autosegmentation QA

New! StructSure, AI QA is the first QA software for the contouring of structures. Evaluate sophisticated auto-contouring engines and improve auto-contouring consistency with this unparalleled contouring QA tool. Part of our AAPM webinar series.
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