Shielding Instruments

Simple, convenient instruments for managing prostate implant treatments efficiently, with minimal exposure to clinicians.


Needle Cradle

Secure, Shielded Storage for Prostate Implant Needles

  • Eleven rows and thirteen columns for holding loaded low dose rate prostate implant needles.
  • Light-weight, stainless steel needle guard shields clinicians from radiation exposure and prevents bumping of needle stylets.
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Needle Loading Shield

The Needle Loading Shield protects clinicians from radiation exposure while loading prostate implant needles with iodine or palladium seeds.

  • 22 HVL of protection for iodine seeds.
  • For 100 iodine seeds at 0.4 mCi, exposure behind the glass is reduced to 6.4 x 10-15 R/h.
  • For 100 iodine seeds at 1.0 mCi, exposure behind the glass is reduced to 1.6 x 10-14 R/h.
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Needle Loading Platform

  • Provides a convenient work station for loading, counting and handling seeds.
  • Ergonomic design brings work up to a comfortable, seated level.
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Lead Seed Pouch Kit

The Protective Lead Seed Pouch Kit is a simple yet effective way to address seed handling issues and patient concerns following LDR brachytherapy treatment. The kit provides supplies for radioactive seed collection, a plastic vial and a 0.2 mm lead equivalent lined pouch for transporting.

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