Superficial Chamber Holders

Securely position the Exradin A20 end-window
parallel plate ionization chamber for accurate
measurements with various types of surface applicators.


Varian Surface Applicator Fixture

Chamber and applicator holder accommodates both the horizontal and vertical type solid conical surface applicators available from Varian.

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Xoft (an iCAD subsidiary) Surface Applicator Fixture

Chamber and applicator holder secures the ion chamber in the center of the surface applicators available from Xoft (an iCAD subsidiary).

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Elekta Esteya Surface Applicator Fixture

Chamber and applicator holder accommodates the Esetya treatment nozzle and surface applicators and ensures that the A20 chamber is positioned in the center of each applicator cap.

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Exradin A20 Ion Chamber

The A20 is a low-energy x-ray chamber for assessing and calibrating pinpoint radiation fields for x-rays, stereotactic and TG-61 compliant superficial skin therapy.

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Varian Chamber Holder Xoft Chamber Holder Elekta Esteya Chamber Holder
Height 5.08 cm 7.3 cm 8.79 cm
Width 2.29 cm 2.3 cm 8.56 cm
Length 8.69 cm 12.0 cm 8.92 cm
Weight 58 g 81 g 91 g


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