QA Pilot:
How It Works

A New Way to View QA
Access your data from any internet enabled device, including mobile.

QA Pilot in Action

Beyond the Spreadsheet

All clinics are tasked with recording, reporting and archiving vast amounts of data to document machine performance for accreditation and auditing. QA Pilot makes these tasks more manageable and adds ease of use to:
• Document Sign-off
• Accreditation submission
• Mobile Access


Optimize Your Workflow

QA Pilot Quick and Easy Templates
Massive Test Library
Choose from a vast array of predefined tests. Start with a TG-142 focused template, then customize it.
Add Custom Tests
Expand the test Library by defining custom entries. Create custom templates and tests for any equipment, procedures or process per room.
Scalable Data Collection
Schedule tests for each machine at each site, and track data for workflows of all sizes.

QA Data in the Cloud

No Maintenance Required
Software as a Service (SaaS) platform means:
• No software installation/management necessary
• Only internet access is required
• No internal in-house servers or IT support needed

Secure Data
Data is securely stored, double encrypted and password protected on Amazon servers, meeting all HIPAA and EU compliance standards. To comply with ACR, ACRO, APeX, JCAHO, and DNV requirements, all entries and edits are date/time stamped.
Easy Calibration Management
No more searching for calibration documents. QA Pilot allows you to store calibration information and documents for your devices. Reminders will alert you of pending calibration expirations.

Mobile Optimized
Access from a mobile enabled device for dashboard reports, manage equipment tolerances, receive push notifications, and communicate with responsible staff.