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What's New

Posted: Oct 22nd, 2020

Check out the latest features from our trusted solutions.


  • Elekta linac functionality. [Future]
  • Support for FFF energies. [Future]
  • Adaptive module functionality with Mosaiq R&V. [Future]
  • In Vivo module connectivity with Mosaiq R&V for Varian Linacs. [v 1.4]

DoseView 1D

  • NEW! Completely rewritten DoseView 1D now integrated into our DoseView software [v 3.0]
  • DoseView 1D integrates features previously only reserved for 3D Water Phantoms [v 3.0]
  • Create queues for automation of all measurements and real time plotting of data. [v2.0]
  • Integrates with any SuperMax or Max 4000 Electrometer for data collection, control, and operation along with software. [v v2.0]
  • Single point and continuous measurement functionality programmed, timed, or triggered. [v2.0]
  • All water phantom functions can be exported in a number of methods including PDD, and CSV. [v2.0]
  • New pendant design integrates with software and now allows for 3 point leveling. [v 2.0]
  • Now use with optional Reference Detector [v 2.0]

DoseView 3D

  • Scan queue and native scan data export and import. [Future]
  • Point measurements for calibration and output factor measurement. [Future]
  • Scan data export to CyberKnife treatment planning systems. [Future]
  • Comparison of scans between measurement sessions. With Gamma Analysis (e.g., this year’s annual and last year’s) [Future]
  • Addition of direct measurement option to existing TPR/TMR table creation functionality. [Future]
  • Add direct measurement option to existing TPR/TMR functionality. [Future]
  • Scan data export to RaySearch RayStation TPS and Elekta AQUA. [v2.1]
  • Flattening filter free metrics for acceptance testing and periodic checks. [v2.1]
  • Import and export of native format scan data for backup and sharing with other DV3D installations. [v2.1]
  • Import and export of Scan Queues allowing users to share scan queues. [v2.1]
  • Expanded Data Control for Clinics, Machines, and Detectors. [v2.1]
  • Preferences Subtab adds options especially useful to International Users including CSV delimiters, decimal separators, an expanded time and date formats. [v2.1]
  • Scanning without a reference detector. [v2.1]
  • Stepping or continuous scanning with variable data density. [v2.0]
  • Completely redesigned web-based html software with intuitive workflow. [v2.0]
  • Simple, yet powerful scan queue creation and editing. [v2.0]
  • Automatic database storage of all scans. [v2.0]


  • Logfile input for IMRT and VMAT plan QA. [Future]
  • 3D dose calculations. [Future]
  • Halcyon functionality. [Future]
  • Automatic dose calculations in QA Module. [v 3.8]
  • Improved automatic depth calculations for static arcs. [v 3.8]
  • Transverse view display shows CT images. [v 3.8]
  • Windows 10 compatibility. [v 3.8]


  • Statistical process control and longitudinal modeling of machine errors on a machine basis. [Future]
  • Centralized database – Allowing access to logfile results from more than one LinacView software installation. [Future]
  • Support for Varian Halcyon. [Future]
  • Manual association of RTPlan for already loaded logfiles. [v 3.7]
  • Daily closing of plans for adaptive workflow. [v 3.7]
  • Support for Elekta Unity. [v 3.6]
  • Support for plans delivered using Elekta’s Automatic Field Sequencing (AFS). [v 3.6]
  • Enhanced linking of log files to the RTPlan for Varian Truebeam and Elekta Linacs. [v 3.4]


  • Further workflow automation. [Future]
  • QA Portal to upload test results to QA Pilot. [v 5.7]
  • Upgraded handling of ELEKTA TRF Files for Leaf Speed Tests. [v 5.7]
  • Enhanced Key Slice detection for CBCT Module. [v 5.7]

QA Fusion

  • Reduce time for QA and increase patient safety.
  • Understand your Machine QA at a glance and automate image-based and templated tests.
  • Review results, schedule tasks, log equipment owned & calibrations, receive system notifications & messages, and approve plans all from one dashboard.
  • Use default templates or create your own.
  • Share templates across institutions and ensure consistency across an entire hospital network.

QA Pilot

  • Addition of new tests for HDR QA templates [20.08.26]
  • Added ability to average entries for selected custom tests [20.08.26]
  • TG-51 Protocol Support [20.07.08]
  • Render PDF and images files inline for QA and Machine Log reports [20.05.13]
  • Ability to import imaging, MLC, VMAT, Mechanical Analysis from PIPSpro [20.04.15]
  • MPC Varian Machine Performance Check Test results import [19.06.05]
  • Machine Log added to track linacs, linac accessory and QA device service and support items [19.01.16]
  • MRI Room QA and MRI Linac capable.
  • Non-Imaging Linac GammaKnife, CyberKnife, Radixact TomoTherapy capable.
  • High dose-rate brachytherapy source and room QA [v 5.4]
  • User-friendly custom test builder [v 5.4]
  • API for researchers and those interested in accessing QA Pilot from their own platform [v 5.4]

QA StereoChecker

  • Complete rewrite of the software to a web application, accessible from any PC on the network. [Future]
  • Automated CyberKnife QA and Linear Accelerator QA – single click to acquire, analyze, save, and trend test results. [Future]
  • Updated user interface that follows clinical workflow and QA frequency. [Future]
  • New MLC position tests providing absolute position results based on vendor recommended tests. [Future]
  • Automated database and image storage including retrieval and archive. [Future]
  • Integrated baseline acquisition and management functions. [Future]
  • Automated tests displayed as dashboard results. [Future]
  • PDF Reports for test sets and trending data that include graphical and tabular data. [Future]
  • Improved DICOM image export for manually acquired images. [Future]
  • Supports a variety of user types with associated rights. [Future]