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Exact Trac

ExacTrac® Phantom Holder ExacTrac® Phantom Holder

Take QA measurements of the Brainlab's™ ExacTrac system.

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ExacTrac® Phantom Holder Overview

Accurate QA for the BrainLab ExacTrac System

The ExacTrac Phantom Holder can secure either a QCkV-1 phantom or an Unfors RaySafeTM Xi R/F Detector up against one of the ExacTrac detector panels.

The QCkV-1 phantom is imaged while it is mounted up against the panel. With the phantom so close to the panel, the output images have very high quality and can be analyzed for several different metrics, such as resolution, contrast-to-noise values or noise. These images can be analyzed using PIPSpro software.

Beyond image analysis, the RaySafe Xi detector can be used to measure a variety of x-ray outputs, most notably dose and kVp, while mounted in front of the ExacTrac panel. The detector connects with a base unit through a cord, which outputs the measurements and stores the data.

Easy to Use

The ExacTrac Phantom Holder is constructed with ABS plastic, lung equivalent foam, and a polycarbonate sheet. Two detachable metal arms help to position and hold the ExacTrac Phantom Holder in place while attaching it to the ExacTrac panel. The holder positions the phantom and detector 19.6 mm (0.772 in) in front of the ExacTrac panel, with their backs resting against a 1/8 inch (3.18 mm) thick polycarbonate sheet.


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