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IMRT Dose Verification Phantom, Virtual Water


  • Height (Six Slabs)
    18 cm
  • Weight (Each Slab)
    30 cm
  • Length (Each Slab)
    45 cm
  • Weight (Six Slabs)
    22.7 kg

Individual Components

  • 2
    Acrylic/Virtual Water Chamber Phantom Slab with 6 cavities for Ion Chamber placement
  • 2
    Acrylic/Virtual Water Phantom Slabs for build up thickness
  • 2
    Acrylic/Virtual Water Lung Phantom Slabs with cavities for simulated lungs
  • 16
    Solid Acrylic/Virtual Water Plugs to fill unused Ion Chamber cavities
  • 1
    Solid Acrylic/Virtual Water Plug with cavity for Chamber of your choice
  • 1
    Bone Equivalent Plug
  • 1
    Lung equivalent insert set to fill lung phantom voids
  • 12
    Location Pins


Tech Notes

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