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StructSure, AI QA Independent Dosimetric Contour Evaluation

The first quality assurance software for the contouring of structures.

StructSure™, AI QA Overview

Scientific. Comprehensive. Efficient.

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.

Evaluate Intelligent Autosegmentation

StuctSure can compare the output of any autosegmentation tool to a standard structure set. The software produces a visualization of differences, calculates scores & stats, and generates PDF reports. Frequent use of StructSure will produce quantitative feedback about how AI autosegmentation models improve over time.

Easy Evaluation

Patented StructSure scoring is very sensitive at finding important errors and yields a simple one-number score that adheres to your custom-designed scoring rules.

Unparalleled Contouring QA

Import pairs of DICOM RT structure datasets and evaluate them qualitatively and quantitatively in a matter of seconds. Generate 3D volumes of critical structures and delineation errors.



    Structsure laptop 1400

    Jul 22nd, 2021 / Intelligent Autosegmentation QA

    Have the confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation. StructSure, AI QA is the first QA software for the contouring of structures. Join us to learn how to leverage this software.

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