Loyalty Reward Trade Up Plan

The Standard Imaging QA solutions your organization has used and trusted for years are likely performing as great as they did when first purchased, however it is recommended that aged QA equipment be replaced as it reaches the limits of its primary market viability or "End of Life" (EOL) status – 7 years post manufactured date.

Proactively retiring equipment allows your Hospital Administrators to plan and budget for new assets in a predictable manner, eliminating risks associated with supporting aged equipment. More importantly, replacing that equipment with Standard Imaging’s most current QA solutions ensures you benefit from improvements in quality, accuracy, precision and innovation continuously throughout a product's life cycle.

Our Loyalty Trade Up Plan recognizes and rewards your loyalty by advising you when QA equipment is eligible – 7 years post manufactured date – and offering significant savings when you trade up to new solutions. Contact your Sales Account Manager for SPECIAL OFFER details on all eligible products.

Supermax Electrometer Thumb

Electrometer with FREE Exradin Ion Chamber*

For every electrometer that meets the life cycle age criteria**, purchase one MAX4000, SuperMax, or CDX2000B electrometer at list price and receive an Exradin Ion Chamber of your choice free.***

Qa Beamchecker Plus Thumb

$1,000 off QA BeamChecker Plus or QA BeamChecker Plus Wireless*

For every QA BeamChecker that meets the life cycle age criteria**, receive a $1,000 discount off the list price for each replacement QA BeamChecker Plus or QA BeamChecker Plus Wireless purchased.

* Special offers can not be combined with other promotions.
** Life cycle age criteria is 7 years after the manufactured date.
*** Excludes Exradin Spherical Ion Chambers and W1/W2 Scintillators.

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