SI CARES Program

Standard Imaging recognizes that we have a duty to put the interests of our customers ahead of our own.  Our support doesn’t end when payment is made. 
Welcome to our SI CARES program. Our Customer Appreciation Resources program was developed to ensure that your needs are being taken care of.


Whether you are most comfortable with on-site training of your new SI hardware or software, or training online, we’ve got you covered! We also invite you to our headquarters facility to attend one of our many training classes.



When you purchase your QA hardware or software from Standard Imaging, support doesn’t end when you receive your invoice. We offer a host of support services to give you the confidence that your hardware or software is operating in top form. Support services include:

  • Let's Get Started & Deployment Guarantee programs
  • Data management assistance
  • System configuration assistance
  • Operating system assistance
  • Application support
  • Installation support/user training - online, on site, or at SI corporate headquarters
  • Upgrade support
  • Software set up assistance/user permissions
  • Firewall troubleshooting and advice


Loyalty Rewards Program

Our new Loyalty Rewards Program recognizes and rewards your loyalty by proactively advising you of the age of your Standard Imaging QA equipment, allowing you to plan and budget for replacement equipment at substantial savings. In addition, Standard Imaging – working with AAPM/IOMP’s new Equipment Donation Program – invites you to donate your old, in-working-order equipment to low and middle income countries.  You can renew your equipment while making a difference for clinics and educational institutions in developing countries.


Customer Lifetime Value

For a hospital, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a prediction of the dollar value relationship between a products cost and its return on investment attributed over the product lifetime. Companies like Standard Imaging, who strongly believe in the reliability of their products, are more inclined to have longer warranty periods. Longer warranty periods equate to real QA dollars in your hospital budget.