SI CARES Program

You matter. That’s why at Standard Imaging we always operate within a framework of principles and uncompromisingly high standards for our SI CARES Program (Standard Imaging Customer Appreciation RESources Program).

We recognize we have a duty to put your interests ahead of our own. So, our support doesn’t end when payment is made … we ensure your needs are taken care of throughout the product life cycles of our QA solutions.

Whether your detector or electrometer is due for re-calibration, you’re experiencing a hiccup in your workflow or you have a general question about quality assurance, we’re here to help!

Our knowledgeable, friendly Technical Support Advisors are at your disposal whenever you need a guiding hand or a sounding board to help solve a problem.

The cornerstone of SI CARES is the Standard Imaging Customer Portal that provides access to informative resources related to your organization’s quality assurance solutions from Standard Imaging, such as ADCL calibration reports, warranty information, status of Technical Support cases, etc. SI CARES also includes our Customer Lifetime Value and Product In-Service Education guarantees.

Customer Portal Access

Learn why managing your QA equipment using the Standard Imaging Customer Portal is a smart idea

  • Our Customer Portal provides you with easy access to the Standard Imaging Resource Library for user manuals, Technical Notes, publications, In-service videos, and much more
  • Allows you to view and track the status of your Technical Support cases, calibrations, and product repair services
  • Gives you convenient access to view and download ADCL Calibration Reports and track when equipment is due for re-calibration
  • Makes requesting calibration services for ion chambers, well chambers and electrometers easy and hassle-free
  • Allows you to view the age of your QA equipment so you can plan for its replacement and take advantage of our Loyalty Trade-Up Plan

Customer Lifetime Value Guarantee

Learn why Standard Imaging QA solutions are smart investments

  • Our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Guarantee includes equipment warranties that are some of the longest in the industry
  • Optional Extended Hardware Warranty Agreements cover your QA solution workhorses … those subject to heavy usage and wear, like the daily QA BeamChecker Plus and DoseView 3D
  • Annual Software Maintenance Agreements that ensure you have the most current version of the software which includes recent updates and new features and/or functionality, in addition to unlimited one-on-one support by phone, email or chat with our team of qualified Technical Support Advisors

Product In-service Education Guarantee

Learn why Standard Imaging Technical Support Advisors receive rave customer reviews and a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) for their educational expertise and support.

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