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"One of the primary reasons I joined Standard Imaging was because of my family. With young children at home, I was keenly aware of the need to balance the demands of my job with the needs of my family, and I hoped to find a supportive work environment as I strove to achieve that balance. After five years here, I can confidently say that the small-company culture that initially drew me to Standard Imaging has been firmly established, not only maintained but also strengthened even as the company continues to grow. The company as a whole is supportive of me as a person, and the individual employees are also genuinely supportive of one another both for team projects and with regard to personal matters."
– Shannon H., Medical Physicist


"Respect is very important to me. The culture of respect that we value here at Standard Imaging is genuine and this makes me feel that I am a valued member of our company."
– Kamal H., Computer Support Specialist


"Standard Imaging places great value on the participation in and the support of the communities in which we live. From the annual corporate charity golf outing that helps support the Carbone Cancer Center to my regular volunteer shifts at a local food pantry, Standard Imaging encourages and challenges all of their employees to do whatever they can to make the world a better place."
– Tim T., Manufacturing Engineer


"For me in my role here, it’s easy to serve our customers because I can trust that Standard Imaging will always do the right thing to make the customer satisfied. I am confident knowing that we are, and always will be, here to help our customers."
– Nora B., Customer Care Advisor


"Working together for the betterment of the company is the essence of teamwork. In addition to doing your own “thing”, you must also be willing to help others in all areas/departments. At Standard Imaging, we thrive and grow because of teamwork. This creates cooperation, learning, and most importantly, builds relationships that are beneficial to the success of the company."
– Shirley M., Accounts Receivable Coordinator


"Since I started working at Standard Imaging, the opportunity to learn has been the highlight of my career. In an ever changing technical environment and a field that is continually developing new treatments for cancer patients, Standard Imaging is constantly adjusting to the growing market and demand for highly effective and efficient QA tools. In order to keep pace with these demands, there is a need for a team oriented approach to customer satisfaction. This lends itself to the sharing of knowledge across the entire organization. The opportunity to learn and grow in your career is only limited by one’s own motivation to learn."
– Kraig K., Regional Account Manager


"Even though we are a corporate business, to keep the employees engaged, there has to be fun involved. Standard Imaging strives to keep their employees happy by providing fun events, not just for them, but for their families too."
– Gaby A., Customer Care Advisor

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