IMSure QA Software

Expedite accurate second checks of machine and patient plan QA -
No film, phantom or linac time required.

Fast, Precise

Unprecedented accuracy from the patented "3-Source Model" algorithm, easy standard plan MU checks and uniquely comparative IMRT Plan QA - no film, phantom or linac time required.

Accurate IMRT Dose Calculations

  • Import patient contours and specify regions of interest for precise patient-specific comparisons.
  • Exceptional accuracy from patented 3-Source Model.

Easy MU Dose Calculations

  • Automatically calculate conventional plans.
  • Create simple plans in a user-friendly, single-page interface.

Features & Benefits

Intuitive Plan Calculations

VMAT, IMRT and 3D Conformal plan calculations in one software solution.

Thorough Stereotactic QA

Quickly confirm cone-based or MLC-based SRS plans including SRS arcs.

Fast Brachytherapy Checks

Perform second checks of HDR, LDR and permanent implant plans while visualizing calculation and reference points in 3D.


IMSure QA Software
REF Number 91326
Current Released Version 3.8
System Requirements
Operating System Windows® 10 Professional
.NET 4.0 or better
Processor Intel® or AMD®, 600 MHz or greater
Memory 256 MB or greater
Hard Drive 50 MB or greater
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
CD-ROM Drive 2X speed or greater
Product Standards CE, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1-4

I’ve been an IMSure user since 2008 and find the software very convenient and easy to use. The flexibility of the DICOM import assures quick, easy and consistent QA times.

Matt West Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose


IMSure : Fast, Reliable Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes IMSure QA different from other secondary calculation software?

There are 3 features that set IMSure QA apart from other secondary calculation software solutions:

  1. The IMSure QA 3-source model for IMRT calculations is more accurate than the modified Clarkson method used by all of the other solutions.
  2. The IMSure QA user interface is designed so all of the information you need to make a decision about your plan is presented on a single screen.  There is no need to click on different tabs or arrow keys to see information about each beam or the composite.
  3. Only IMSure QA imports fluence maps from your treatment planning system and then compares them to an independently calculated map for a comprehensive evaluation of the entire patient plan using 5 different comparisons.
What is the 3-source model?

The 3-source model was developed at Stanford University as an improved method for performing secondary dose calculations of complex IMRT cases.  The model can accurately calculate the contribution to dose from the head scatter no matter the field size, shape or the point of calculation in the field.   It does this by modeling three different sources of scatter that contribute to the Sc value: the scatter from the main photon source, the scatter created by the flattening filter, and the scatter created by the main collimators.

Are there any papers written about IMSure QA Software?

Yes. There are several papers that describe in detail the 3-source model calculations that are used in IMSure QA. They can be found by clicking on the Publications tab.

Can I check a patient plan instead of a phantom plan?

Yes.  IMSure QA can calculate either a phantom plan or a true patient plan.  For patient plans there are fields for the input of both projected source to surface distances to account for patient contours and for effective depth to account for heterogeneities.

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