Annual QA

Confidence with fewer gray hairs

Spend weekends with friends, not
water tanks

Annual QA is like rush hour traffic; you see it coming, it’s going to steal a lot of your time and you can’t hurry through without potentially hurting a lot of people. Standard Imaging’s annual QA solution helps free hours from your workflow by producing precise measurements in as little time as possible. We'll help clear the road and make sure you never get below second-gear.


DoseView 3D

The DoseView 3D is a 3-axis water scanning phantom that fuses robust hardware with easy-to-use software for superior beam commissioning and quality assurance measurements.

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Exradin A28 Ion Chamber

The Model A28 Chamber features exceptional omni-directional spatial resolution for relative dosimetry scanning in water phantoms and use in minute field measurements. When combined with the DoseView 3D, the A28 allows for faster set-up while providing ideal scanning data.

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Exradin D1H & D1V Diode Detectors

Maximize signal and spatial resolution and minimize angular dependence for consistent, accurate small-field stereotactic measurements.

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Exradin W2 Scintillator

The W2 system can be connected to any electrometer or scanning system just like any single channel ion chamber

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QA Pilot

QA Pilot’s cloud-based platform allows you to manage all of your QA reporting in real time from one unified location anywhere internet access is available.

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Exradin A4 Ion Chamber

Account for linac output variation in beam scanning with the Exradin A4 spherical ionization chamber. The A4 provides a stable and accurate out-of-field reference signal.

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