Adaptivo Patient Dosimetry

Radiotherapy is constantly changing, therefore we need to adapt.

Find errors you couldn't see before using Adaptivo™

See effective ways to detect patient positioning problems, the In Vivo module, commissioning, and daily uses processes through clinical cases from Paul Retif, Ph.D, Chief Medical Physicist at CHR Metz.
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Verify accurate plan delivery.

Analysis & reports are generated automatically. Alerts will be sent out if they are triggered by customizable tolerances.

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In Vivo

Daily Exit Dose Monitoring

Ensure both accuracy and consistency of treatment by comparing predicted images. Access metrics, review patient position, account for daily couch shifts, and detect patient setup errors.

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Cumulative dose reconstruction

Review daily and cumulative DVH for targets and organs at risk. View dose distribution on planned as well as merged CT image sets. Compare daily and cumulative delivered dose to planned dose.

Leverage Data with Automated Patient Dosimetry Software

Monitor and evaluate the quality of a treatment plan delivery from the first to the last fraction.

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Fit QA into your treatment workflow

Verify patient setup and treatment consistency using predicted versus measured images

Familiar Tools

Clean display of relevant information. Succinct communication of analysis, warnings, and user editable tolerances.

Automatic Patient Dose Verification

Automatically gather the information needed to complete analysis and, when necessary, notification of detected deviation.

What is Adaptivo?

What Adaptivo has done overall is it has improved our quality of patient care because we are more conscientious of our set up of patients, indexing of patients, breath hold of patients, because the therapists are striving to have zero gamma failures. They get upset personally, when they get a gamma failure due to a clinical reason and we as a team work together. I think overall it is a great benefit to our patients.

Brian Pomije, D.A.B.R.

Medical Physicist

At Toyota Memorial Hospital we utilize the concept of jidoka” which highlights/visualizes problems. Adaptivo is very conforming to such a process. Therefore, we can carry out safe radiation therapy.

Junji Suzuki, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

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