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Adaptivo Radiotherapy is constantly changing, therefore we need to adapt.

Adaptivo completes plan delivery verification automatically and sends alerts based on preconfigured criteria, so physics time can be spent investigating issues when they arise.

Adaptivo™ part of complete solution for: Stereotactic Patient Dosimetry

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Adaptivo™ Overview

Automatic Patient Dosimetry

  • Data collection and analysis without disturbing a typical clinical workflow.
  • Automatically gathers information to provide daily analysis.

Measurements using integrated LINAC imaging devices

  • Quicker pre-treatment QA when compared to using a phantom.
  • EPID images are used for daily dose monitoring.
  • Daily CBCTs are used to review daily and cumulative DVHs and dose distributions.

Familiar Evaluation Tools

  • User editable tolerances direct attention when needed.
  • Succinct metrics communicate analysis and warnings.
  • View relevant graphs and trends when further plan review is required.

  • Software arrives pre-installed on approved server hardware. Browser-based interface allows software access from anywhere on your hospital network.



    Adaptivo 052721

    May 27th, 2021 / First to Last Fraction Monitoring with Adaptivo

    Monitor and evaluate the quality of treatment plan delivery with one-of-a-kind patient dosimetry software: Pre-Treatment, In Vivo, and Adaptive.
    Adaptivo 022521 website

    Feb 25th, 2021 / Adapt to the Changes in Radiotherapy

    Radiotherapy is constantly changing; therefore, we need to adapt. From first to last fraction, monitor and evaluate the quality of treatment plan delivery: Pre-Treatment, In Vivo, and Adaptive.

    Jun 25th, 2020 / Adaptivo: Automated Daily Patient Dose Tracking-Tips and Tricks

    Get the data you need to provide the best care possible using Adaptivo. Monitor and evaluate the quality of a treatment plan delivery from the first to the last fraction. Presented by Stephanie Key.

    Aug 27th, 2020 / Adaptivo Case Studies

    Brian D. Pomije, MS, D.A.B.R of Genesis Care presents changes in patient anatomy through two case studies using Adaptivo: Changes in Lung Anatomy and Changes in Neck Anatomy. Adaptivo is automatic patient dosimetry software that tracks and reports the dosimetric impact of changes in patient anatomy and positioning.

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