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Why managing your QA equipment using the Standard Imaging Customer Portal is a SMART idea

Chances are you are burning the candle at both ends so we designed the Standard Imaging Customer Portal with you in mind … a user-friendly database chalked full of useful information and resources to help you manage your QA equipment.

Convenient access to Standard Imaging’s Online Resource Library

  • User manuals
  • Multilanguage quick reference guides
  • Technical notes
  • Publications
  • Instruction videos
  • Pre-recorded product support webinars
  • Product literature

Ability to request calibrations online and track their status

  • Our online request for calibrating your QA equipment is easy and convenient
  • Track when your QA equipment was calibrated and download ADCL Calibration Reports

Track Technical Support cases

  • View status of your product service repairs, calibrations, and Technical Support cases

Track QA equipment records

  • View Standard Imaging hardware and software QA solutions at the sites you are associated with to locate:
    • Software license key numbers and expiration dates
    • Hardware warranty dates by product serial number
    • Hardware calibration history by product serial number
  • View hardware and software contracts at the sites you are associated with and easily request:
    • Software maintenance agreement renewals
    • Hardware maintenance agreement renewals
    • Warranty extensions on eligible hardware solutions

View Loyalty Trade Up Plans on eligible products

  • Track which Standard Imaging QA solutions are eligible for Loyalty Trade Up plans

Track the shipping status of new Sales Orders

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