LinacView Proactive Patient Plan Delivery QA

Effortless plan delivery QA for every fraction of every treatment

An investigation of using log- file analysis for automated patient- specific quality assurance in MRgRT

Article from the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.

Every Fraction of Every Treatment

Feel confident in plan delivery performance with immediate alerts and a powerful analysis performed within seconds of delivery.

Instantaneous QA

Analyzes thousands of measurements within seconds

Check machine performance for every treatment and get immediate alert notifications for clinically relevant events. Instantaneous results with saved analysis for future review.

Automatic RTPlan Generation

Scripted automatic recalculation with your own TPS

Directly evaluate clinical impact of delivery differences using your own trusted system. Exports an RT plan file with out of tolerance log file data to calculate the dose of the day on your TPS.

Pre-Treatment QA

Comprehensive treatment delivery analysis done instantly and automatically without need of an external hardware-based solution. Modulation complexity scores allow comparison of competing plans and insight into problematic plan delivery.

Linear accelerators generate log files which correspond to a copy of the irradiation parameters. LinacView automatically analyzes these log files in real time and in the background by comparing them to the planned treatment described by the DICOM RTplan file associated with the beams, for every session and every patient.

Linacview laptop2 1400

Passively monitor all of your treatment machines for plan delivery accuracy

Automatically receive audible alerts, emails or text messages, when clinically-relevant events occur.

Effortlessly monitor:

  • • Jaw and Leaf Positions
  • • Couch Position
  • • Monitor Unit
  • • Gantry and Collimator Angles
  • • Beam Off Latency Time
  • • Delivered vs Planned Fluence


Plan QA for all Varian and Elekta LINACs including Unity and Halcyon™

Evaluate logfile recorded versus planned parameters as well as fluence comparisons

Immediate Notification

Audible alarm in central location or emails/texts to physics staff for clinical event notification.

Powerful Analysis and Easy Installation

Visualize and trend treatment parameters. Predict future machine failures. No specialized computing hardware required.

LinacView Introduction Video

Get an in-depth look at LinacView.

LinacView is a powerful and versatile tool for logfile analysis. We use the results produced by this software for various applications such as: daily checking of a reference VMAT arc performed on each of our LINACs (for example, to detect when either gantry chain adjustment or leaf motor replacement is required), to investigate a diminished performance in our pre-treatment patient QA, to monitor LINAC performance during each fraction delivered to every one of our patients, to compare, in terms of DVH, the planned treatment and the delivered” treatment recalculated on our TPS with an RT-plan file exported from LinacView which contains all log file data. For the last use mentioned, we greatly appreciate carrying out these comparisons on our TPS rather than on another TPS. Moreover, I believe that LinacView is a tool which fosters cooperation between manufacturers, medical physics and biomedical engineering departments.

Christophe Legrand, MD

Medical Physicist

LinacView is a great tool to indicate systematic errors, especially when the MLC or jaw position did not align well for several patients. I was able to use this tool to communicate with field service engineers and make a correction for our Linac. I am pleased with the performance of LinacView. 

Yu-Wen Chang, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

We routinely rely on LinacView in our medical physics department to follow-up and record the correct application of each treatment with every patient. In addition to patient QA, we also depend on LinacView to verify machine QA. Evaluating the logfiles with this software ensures us that the linac is operating correctly and that the data transfer to the linac has functioned properly. LinacView provides substantial benefits in terms of patient care, as deviations from planned treatment can be rapidly detected by means of this valuable cross-check.

Lutz Luedemann, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

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"An Investigation of Using Logfile Analysis for Automated Patient Specific Quality Assurance in MRgRT" - View a recording of a 2020 MRL Consortium meeting presentation showing logfile analysis can provide higher throughput and faster patient specific QA feedback to clinicians and physicians.

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