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True Leaf Speed QA

True Leaf Speed QA, Not Just Qualitative Results

TG-142 QA Made Easy

TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures in a single, intuitive platform. PIPSpro provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of your imager and linac, easing the implementation of TG-142.

True Leaf Speed QA

The latest version of PIPSpro includes a new MLC leaf speed module that allows the user to calculate quantitative leaf speed loss, as required by TG-142.

Features & Benefits

Filmless, Quantifiable TG-142 QA

Specialized suite of phantoms allows for EPID-based QA in TG-142 recommended procedures, including:

  • MV and kV imagers
  • Cone-beam CT
  • MLC QA tests
  • IGRT
  • Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz)
  • Radiation Field/Light Field
  • Star Shot analysis

Save up to $2500/year in film by upgrading to EPID-based QA for TG-142 tests.

PIPSpro analyzing QC-3 phantom

Easy Analysis, Trending and Reporting

  • User-interface simplifies image analysis, data storage, historical trending and reporting to just a few clicks.
  • A central hub allows for quick access to TG-142 QA results from multiple computers, departments or sites.

New Results Dashboard

  • Overview of the last analysis results for a particular machine
  • Pass, fail, and alert results
  • Quick and easy review

Validated Performance

Over 100 publications validate the performance of PIPSpro and its specialized phantoms with a variety of imagers.

QC-3 and QCkV-1 Phantoms for PIPSpro

How It Works


Superior Phantoms for Unparalleled Accuracy

The suite of phantoms analyzed by PIPSpro form an accurate foundation for exceptional EPID-based QA. The factory-calibrated QC-3, QCkV-1, and MIMI phantoms are ideal tools to begin TG-142 compliant testing for a variety of applications, including:

  • MV, kV and CBCT Imagers
  • IGRT
  • Winston-Lutz/Stereotactic
  • MLC
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Qc3 Qckv1

Quantitative TG-142 QA

Once images are imported into PIPSpro, the software can perform comprehensive analysis on each phantom; providing quantitative, TG-142 quality assurance for over 30 procedures. All results have easy-to-read “stoplight” indicators, with customizable warning and rejection levels.

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Pipspro  Mlc  Qa Screen

Intuitive Trending and Export

PIPSpro can store data on a central network for quick documentation and access for TG-142 test results and trending reports. QA results are shown in easy-to-read reports, which can be exported to PDF and ASCII files without additional software tools.

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PIPSpro Software
Current Released Version 5.6
Operating System Windows 10 Professional (SP1) or better
.NET 4.0 or better
Processor Intel® or AMD®, 1 GHz or greater
Memory 1 GB (3 GB recommended)
Hard Drive 3 GB free space for software installation.
Sufficient space to store image data files.
5 GB or greater if installing SQL Server Express
on the install host.
Screen Resolution 1152×864 XGA+(4:3)
1600×900 (16:9) or higher
16 bit HiColor or greater
DVD Drive 2X speed or greater
Database Management SQL Server 2008 R2 (or SQL Server Express equivalent) minimum, SQL Server 2014 recommended
Product Standards CE, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1-4

"PIPSpro has streamlined our Monthly QA process. IT has made the daunting tasks in TG142 manageable. We currently use it for an Elekta Synergy and image quality for our x-rays on our 3 IBA Proton treatment rooms."

Ben Robison Medical Physicist Provision Radiation Therapy

"PIPSpro is an integral part of our Radiotherapy Quality Assurance Program. Consistent monthly QA is now routinely performed on both Siemens and Elekta treatment platforms.

Its ease of use, with unrivaled customer support, and active improvement, makes this an essential tool in our physics lives."

Peter Woulfe, M.Sc,MPE,MIPEM,ClinSci Chief Medical Physicist Galway Clinic

"PIPSpro's intuitive interface and simplified QA phantoms facilitate meaningful data collection with minimal machine time."

Michael Gnaster, MS Medical Physicist Danville Regional Medical Center


TG-142 beam profile and MLC logfile analysis for daily and monthly QA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What phantoms can PIPSpro analyze?

PIPSpro software analyzes the QC-3, QCkV-1, FC-2, MLC and Stereotactic phantoms. The calibrated QC-3 and QCkV-1 phantoms allow you to compare your results to similar machines worldwide.  PIPSpro is also compatible with Catphan phantoms and the LEEDS test tool (TOR 18) included with Linacs.

How does PIPSpro analyze the LEEDS Test tool (TOR18)?

The LEEDS test tool was not designed for automated image analysis, thus only the lower frequency bar patterns are analyzed by PIPSpro.  User-selectable trend points on the RMTF curve should be set at f90 and f80 for the LEEDS phantom.

Can I just purchase the phantoms?

Yes. However, one of the key attributes of PIPSpro is the ability to compare your results with those of other users. The factory-calibrated phantoms (tested lp/mm, results included) are explicitly designed to partner with PIPSpro: producing unmatched accuracy for a precise comparison of QA data.

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