PIPSpro™ Software

An optimized workflow provides an automated analysis of QA tasks in a centralized location with immediate results.


TG-142 Made Easy

Designed for a convenient, optimized workflow

Easy-to-read reports, charts, and graphs. Multiple open modules for streamlined workflow. Automatic image compositing for EPID MLC QA and StarShot images. Complete Varian and Elekta IMRT and VMAT logfile analysis.

Machine QA

Quick, Easy, Precise

Radiation Light Field Analysis, Starshot Analysis, Daily IGRT QA Tracking, Stereotactic 3D


True Leaf Speed QA

MLC leaf speed module allows calculations of leaf speed loss and produces actionable, quantitative results for tracking and trending.

Automated Analysis of QA Software

Streamline your monthly QA process through a convenient and optimized workflow. Software that has comprehensive TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures with true leaf speed.

PIPSpro is an integral part of our Radiotherapy Quality Assurance Program. Consistent monthly QA is now routinely performed on both Siemens and Elekta treatment platforms.

Its ease of use, with unrivaled customer support, and active improvement, makes this an essential tool in our physics lives.

Peter Woulfe, M.Sc, MPE, MIPEM, ClinSci

Chief Medical Physicist


PIPSpro Overview