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Winston-Lutz Pointer Phantom Kit with 3D Adjustable Holder Precise QA for Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Expedite and simplify verification of sub-millimeter isocenter setup.

Winston-Lutz Pointer Phantom Kit with 3D Adjustable Holder Overview

Minimize isocenter displacements

Lightweight and easy to use phantom with micrometer X, Y, and Z axis adjustments for fine tuning positioning of the Winston-Lutz Pointer Phantom. Making accurate fine adjustments, such as the shifts calculated by the PIPSpro stereotactic module, are impossible without the aid of micrometer adjustment stages. This product is intended to enable users to make accurate sub-millimeter shifts in each of the three axes.

Submillimeter adjustments

  • 0.01 mm scale resolution along each axis of the micrometer stage.
  • Travel distance of ± 6.5 mm along each axis.
  • Independent X, Y, and Z axis adjustment to ensure isocenter alignment.
  • Lock down to couch at isocenter instantly to prevent shifting of the base while micrometer shifts are being applied.
  • Three pin fine leveling and bubble level adjust pointer to match laser lines for easier setup.

Winston Lutz Pointer Phantom

  • Easily adjustable for precise positioning.
  • Carbon fiber rods ensure stability once positioned.
  • 5mm tungsten carbide sphere.
  • White on black and black on white lines for easy alignment to either light field or lasers.


  • Diameter-Ball
    0.50 cm (0.197 in)
  • Square-Rod
    0.64 cm (0.250 in)
  • Overall Length
    25.0 cm (9.842in)


  • Rod
    Carbon fiber
  • Ball
    Tungsten Carbide


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