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DoseView 3D Lift & Reservoir Cart

DoseView™ 3D Lift & Reservoir Cart part of complete solution for: Annual QA

DoseView™ 3D Lift & Reservoir Cart Overview

Fully Integrated with Lift and Reservoir in One

  • Cart contains both an electronic lift mechanism and 60 gallon (265 liter) water reservoir, resulting in hassle-free storage and setup.
  • Convenient storage area holds the power supply and other accessories.
  • Lift and pump are powered by a single power cable, and a power pass-through cable allows convenient connection to the water phantom.

Extensive Adjustments Capabilities

  • The Precision Positioning Platform provides an ideal medium for maneuvering.
  • Allows subtle X and Y axis movements up to ±12.5mm, phantom rotation of ±1° and positive engagement at 10°, 45°, and 90° intervals.
  • Achieve consistent detector orientation during in-plane, cross plane and diagonal scans.

Efficiency Lift Cart

  • An alternate, portable lift cart is also available.
  • The electric lift table has a capacity of 900 pounds and is capable of over 15 inches of vertical travel.

Lift and Reservoir Cart

  • Vertical Range
    685 mm – 1185 mm (tank base to floor)
  • Water Pump
    Electric fill, gravity drain
  • Water Capacity
    227.1 liters (60 gallons)
  • Fill Time
    6-8 min
  • Drain Time
    16-20 min

Precision Positioning Platform

  • X / Y Fine Adjustment
    ±12.5 mm
  • Fine rotational adjustment
  • Discrete engagement
    10°, 45° and 90° intervals


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