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DoseView 3D Better Hardware. Better Software. Better Data.

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.

DoseView™ 3D part of complete solution for: Annual QA

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DoseView™ 3D Overview

Customized Auto-Queues and 24 x 7 Support

Customized auto-queue scan sets are implemented at no cost for each customer. This time-saving feature will save 8+ hours of work when setting up scans. Customers also have the flexibility of choosing wizard-based or manual setup options to define their own scans. Custom scans created in Auto-Acquisition mode can be saved and recalled for later testing. These sets can be implemented, edited and organized on a TPS or custom basis to streamline commissioning and QA procedures.

Standard Imaging also provides 24 x 7 phone support for DV3D in USA.

Simplify Setup

  • Wireless pendant with 0.1 mm fine positioning facilitates automated alignment.
  • Quickly switch detectors without resetting isocenter/origin.
  • Integrated hardware, convenient software and wireless communication means fewer cables and fast setup.
  • Easy, repeatable tank positioning using the Precision Positioning Platform.

Accurate Measurements, Fast

  • Accelerate scan acquisition using low-noise, high-speed on-board electrometer.
  • Heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame maximizes rigidity, simplifies setup, and maintains reproducibility.
  • Positional accuracy and repeatability within 0.1mm per axis.
  • Versatility and fast acquisition with either step or continuous data collection.

Powerful Software, Quick Analysis

  • Intuitive wizard based software allows saved scan routines in auto acquisition mode.
  • Comprehensive suite of data management and manipulation tools.
  • Acquire profile depth and PDD data in the same sequence.
  • Easily export scan data to TPS with all supported systems included.
  • 24 x 7 phone support in USA

Motion Control System

  • REF Number
    DoseView 3D REF 92260 DoseView 3D Lift and Reservoir Cart REF 72260
  • Measurement Speed
    50 mm/s
  • Positioning Accuracy
    ± 0.1 mm per axis
  • Positioning Repeatability
    ± 0.1 mm per axis
  • PC Communication
    Wireless or wired via RS-232
  • Control Method
    PC or via wireless pendant

Water Phantom (Acrylic Tank Only)

  • Outer Dimensions
    [ length x width x height ] 692 mm x 683 mm x 542 mm
  • Scanning Dimensions
    [ length x width x height ] 480 mm x 480 mm x 410 mm
  • Wall Thickness
    12 mm
  • Other
    Replaceable Fill/Drain Port

Lift Cart and Reservoir

  • Outer Dimensions
    [ length x width ] 1247 mm x 762 mm
  • Vertical Range
    685 mm - 1185 mm (tank base to floor)
  • Water Pump
    Electric fill, gravity drain
  • Water Capacity
    60 gal (227 liters)
  • Fill Speed
    6-7 min
  • Drain Speed
    16-20 min

Precision Positioning Platform

  • X / Y Fine Adjustment
    ±12.5 mm
  • Fine rotational adjustment
  • Discreet engagement
    10°, 45°, and 90° intervals

DoseView 3D Electrometer

  • Channels
  • Bias Voltage
    0, ±150 to 450 (VDC) in 50 volt increments
  • Range
    2 pC - 999,999 nC
  • Resolution
    10 fC
  • Connector Type
    Triaxial BNC or TNC (BNC unless specified)

Exradin® A28 Ion Chamber

  • Collecting Volume
    0.125 cc
  • Centroid of Collecting Volume
    4.47 mm from tip of chamber
  • Collector Diameter
    1.0 mm
  • Outside Diameter of Shell
    8.0 mm
  • Nominal Leakage
    +/- 10 fA
  • Shell, Collector, Guard Material
    Shonka air-equivalent plastic C552
  • Waterproof

DoseView 3D Software System Requirements

  • Operating System
    Windows® 10 Professional, 64-bit Recommended
  • Processor
    Intel® or AMD®, 350 MHz or greater
  • Memory
    256 MB or greater
  • Hard Drive
    30 MB or greater
  • Screen Resolution
    1024 x 768 or greater
  • CD-ROM Drive
    2X speed or greater
  • Connectivity
    9-pin serial RS-232 port or USB port with USB to RS-232 adapter



    Indra Das Image

    Jul 9th, 2024 / Machine Commissioning: Techniques, Methods, Challenges and How to Overcome

    Join Dr. Indra J. Das as he discusses the critical need for machine commissioning, the essential resources and equipment required according to TG-106, and the importance of accuracy and reproducibility in the process. Additionally, he’ll cover the advantages and limitations of using golden/reference data, the time needed for commissioning, and the latest findings from Glidhurst’s benchmarking paper on modern machines. Dr. Indra Das – Vice Chair, Professor and Director of Medical Physics – Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
    032124 Webinar

    Mar 21st, 2024 / Uncomplicate Your Annual QA

    Precise water phantoms combined with comprehensive, intuitive software makes commissioning and Annual QA easier. Our water phantom provides the foundation for repeatable, reliable QA testing with an automatic detector alignment system. Paired with our user-friendly software, it offers a comprehensive solution for scanning, collecting, and analyzing scan data.
    Doseview 3d photo

    Feb 2nd, 2023 / New for DoseView 3D

    Powerful hardware and software combination built for accuracy makes setup and scanning with the DoseView 3D water phantom easy and efficient. Discover the new features including the comparison of scans between measurement sessions with Gamma analysis, scan data export to CyberKnife treatment planning systems, isodose curve PDF report generation, and more!
    Doseview 3d photo

    Oct 20th, 2022 / Intuitive Annual QA

    Quick setup, powerful software, and rigid hardware makes using this 3D water scanning system consistent and precise. Don’t re-learn your annual QA — DoseView 3D Water Phantom maintains accuracy, making QA easy and simple.
    Doseview 3d

    Aug 4th, 2022 / Uncomplicated Annual QA

    Don’t re-learn your annual QA. Powerful hardware and software combination built for accuracy makes setup and scanning with the DoseView 3D water phantom easy and efficient. Intelligent scanning combined with comprehensive analysis allows you to achieve precise results every time.
    Doseview 3d photo w1000

    Mar 24th, 2022 / Powerful Water Tanks

    From hardware to software, the DoseView system is built for accuracy. The software has 1D and 3D scanning integration and customizable data collection. The hardware is the foundation for precise depth-dose measurements and is built for unmatched accuracy.
    DV Webinar1

    Oct 25th, 2021 / Water Tanks for World-Class QA

    New DoseView software has 1D and 3D scanning integration with customizable data collection. The revolutionary software combined with our dependable water tanks offer quick setup and intuitive commissioning and QA.
    Doseview 3d photo 2 w1000

    Oct 14th, 2021 / 1D and 3D Scanning Powerhouse

    Revolutionary software brings 1D and 3D scanning together. Reliable water phantoms result in quick setup and intuitive commissioning and QA. Monthly and annual QA feels familiar when combining powerful software with efficient water phantoms.
    Doseview 3d photo

    Jul 27th, 2021 / Streamline 1D and 3D Scans with DoseView

    New! The first of its kind, new DoseView software has 1D and 3D scanning integration with customizable data collection. With components from our revolutionary 3D Software, the functionality and capabilities of the DoseView 1D system have expanded for an integrated software solution. Part of our AAPM webinar series.
    Doseview 3d photo

    Jul 15th, 2021 / Intuitive Annual QA

    Don’t re-learn your annual QA. Quick setup and powerful software makes using this 3D water scanning system efficient. Join us July 15th at 10:00 am CST to learn about annual QA with the DoseView 3D.
    DV3 D 042221

    Apr 22nd, 2021 / DoseView 3D ضمان الجودة السنوي باستعمال

    DV3 D AAPM Spring

    Apr 19th, 2021 / AAPM Spring Clinical Session: DoseView 3D

    Webinar 021121 Website

    Feb 11th, 2021 / Uncomplicate your Annual QA

    Annual QA that feels familiar with the water phantom you can trust. Learn about the new DoseView software and intuitive commissioning and QA with DoseView 3D.

    Jun 18th, 2020 / DoseView 3D in Italiano

    DoseView 3D non è il solito fantoccio ad acqua, è la soluzione che semplifica davvero la QA annuale. Il fantoccio DoseView 3D combina un sistema di scansione intelligente con un telaio massiccio e ampie possibilità di analisi.

    May 28th, 2020 / DoseView 3D en Francais

    DoseView 3D n’est pas seulement un système 3D de cuve à eau parmi d’autres.C’est aussi l’assurance qualité annuelle maîtrisée. L’acquisition intelligente de données et leur analyse complète vous permet d’obtenir facilement des résultats précis.

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