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DoseView™ 3D

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.

DoseView™ 3D part of complete solution for: Annual QA

DoseView™ 3D Overview

Customized Auto-Queues and 24 x 7 Support

Customized auto-queue scan sets are implemented at no cost for each customer. This time-saving feature will save 8+ hours of work when setting up scans. Customers also have the flexibility of choosing wizard-based or manual setup options to define their own scans. Custom scans created in Auto-Acquisition mode can be saved and recalled for later testing. These sets can be implemented, edited and organized on a TPS or custom basis to streamline commissioning and QA procedures.

Standard Imaging also provides 24 x 7 phone support for DV3D in USA.

Simplify Setup

  • Wireless pendant with 0.1 mm fine positioning facilitates automated alignment.
  • Quickly switch detectors without resetting isocenter/origin.
  • Integrated hardware, convenient software and wireless communication means fewer cables and fast setup.
  • Easy, repeatable tank positioning using the Precision Positioning Platform.

Accurate Measurements, Fast

  • Accelerate scan acquisition using low-noise, high-speed on-board electrometer.
  • Heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame maximizes rigidity, simplifies setup, and maintains reproducibility.
  • Positional accuracy and repeatability within 0.1mm per axis.
  • Versatility and fast acquisition with either step or continuous data collection.

Powerful Software, Quick Analysis

  • Intuitive wizard based software allows saved scan routines in auto acquisition mode.
  • Comprehensive suite of data management and manipulation tools.
  • Acquire profile depth and PDD data in the same sequence.
  • Easily export scan data to TPS with all supported systems included.
  • 24 x 7 phone support in USA

Motion Control System

  • REF Number
    DoseView 3D REF 92260 DoseView 3D Lift and Reservoir Cart REF 72260
  • Measurement Speed
    50 mm/s
  • Positioning Accuracy
    ± 0.1 mm per axis
  • Positioning Repeatability
    ± 0.1 mm per axis
  • PC Communication
    Wireless or wired via RS-232
  • Control Method
    PC or via wireless pendant

Water Phantom (Acrylic Tank Only)

  • Outer Dimensions
    [ length x width x height ] 692 mm x 683 mm x 542 mm
  • Scanning Dimensions
    [ length x width x height ] 480 mm x 480 mm x 410 mm
  • Wall Thickness
    12 mm
  • Other
    Replaceable Fill/Drain Port

Lift Cart and Reservoir

  • Outer Dimensions
    [ length x width ] 1247 mm x 762 mm
  • Vertical Range
    685 mm - 1185 mm (tank base to floor)
  • Water Pump
    Electric fill, gravity drain
  • Water Capacity
    60 gal (227 liters)
  • Fill Speed
    6-7 min
  • Drain Speed
    16-20 min

Precision Positioning Platform

  • X / Y Fine Adjustment
    ±12.5 mm
  • Fine rotational adjustment
  • Discreet engagement
    10°, 45°, and 90° intervals

DoseView 3D Electrometer

  • Channels
  • Bias Voltage
    0, ±150 to 450 (VDC) in 50 volt increments
  • Range
    2 pC - 999,999 nC
  • Resolution
    10 fC
  • Connector Type
    Triaxial BNC or TNC (BNC unless specified)

Exradin® A28 Ion Chamber

  • Collecting Volume
    0.125 cc
  • Centroid of Collecting Volume
    4.47 mm from tip of chamber
  • Collector Diameter
    1.0 mm
  • Outside Diameter of Shell
    8.0 mm
  • Nominal Leakage
    +/- 10 fA
  • Shell, Collector, Guard Material
    Shonka air-equivalent plastic C552
  • Waterproof

DoseView 3D Software System Requirements

  • Operating System
    Windows® 10 Professional, 64-bit Recommended
  • Processor
    Intel® or AMD®, 350 MHz or greater
  • Memory
    256 MB or greater
  • Hard Drive
    30 MB or greater
  • Screen Resolution
    1024 x 768 or greater
  • CD-ROM Drive
    2X speed or greater
  • Connectivity
    9-pin serial RS-232 port or USB port with USB to RS-232 adapter


Tech Notes

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