SuperMAX Electrometer Advanced Dosimetry

The premier two-channel, reference-grade electrometer on the market.

The Next Generation Electrometer

Built on the MAX 4000's legacy of highly accurate, reference-grade measurements, combined with a revolutionary touchscreen interface and a host of advanced measurement features, the SuperMAX redefines what an electrometer should be.

Two Independent Measurement Channels

Independent control over range, bias voltage, and applied system factor. Both channels feature extensive range (0.001 pA to 500.0 nA, 0.001 pC to 999.9 µC) for use in a variety of applications, including ratio measurements.

Built-In Detector Library

Eliminates the need for a PC or to apply system factor and temperature/pressure corrections. Store over 100 detectors and calibrations. Apply individual factors to one or both measurement channels.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Large, color display with built-in touchscreen. On-screen keypad and pull down menus allows for easy access to settings and detector library.

Exradin W1 Scintillator Integration

Two dedicated modes in the SuperMAX allow for seamless calculations using the Exradin W1 Scintillator.

Supermax feature with w1 1400

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