Monthly QA

Never re-learn workflow again

Simplify task group requirements with dashboard reports 

You will log mountains of data over the lifetime of a linac; we make it easy to manage the array of data or a single value. Standard Imaging’s monthly QA solution stores data in a uniform format across all platforms, allowing anyone with proper permissions to quickly add to, extract from, or analyze the database. 


PIPSpro Software

TG-142 imaging and machine QA procedures in a single, intuitive platform. PIPSpro provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of your imager and linac, easing the implementation of TG-142. The latest version of PIPSpro includes a new MLC leaf speed module that allows the user to calculate quantitative leaf speed loss, as required by TG-142.

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QA CrossChecker

QA CrossChecker provides the perfect solution for beam and machine verification - without the hassle of large phantoms. Coupled with powerful software, the QA CrossChecker is accurate to within 0.5% of a traditional water phantom, making it the easiest way to verify beam output.

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QA Pilot

QA Pilot’s cloud-based platform gives you access to your QA without manual spreadsheets or multiple programs. Manage all of your QA reporting in real time from one unified location anywhere internet access is available.

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