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DoseView 3D Better Hardware. Better Software. Better Data.

Making sure your patients have great treatments begins with a finely-tuned linac, and that starts with the DoseView 3D.

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Better Hardware

Robust Construction Provides the Foundation for Better Data

Manufactured with a rigid, aluminum frame and stainless steel leadscrews, the DoseView 3D provides a consistent platform for repeated QA testing. Meticulous construction ensures consistent measurement accuracy within ±0.1 mm per axis.

Doseview3d feature better hardware accuracy 1400

Better Hardware

Automatic Detector Alignment System

Swap detectors without resetting isocenter/origin with the Detector Alignment System. The system aligns the center of each detector.

Doseview3d feature better hardware easy 1400

Better Hardware

Built for Accuracy

The Cartesian coordinate system and ability to set isocenter to any point within the tank avoids rotational errors possible with cylindrical tanks.

Doseview3d inhalcyon 1400

Better Software

Automation Eliminates Repetitive Tasks & Saves Time

Easy left to right, top to bottom navigation, no hidden features, and intuitive menus for scan queue setup, measurement, and analysis.

Doseview3d laptop start 1400

Better Software

Full Suite of Tools for Data Processing

Straightforward post-scan processing and metrics.

Doseview3d laptop 1400

Better Software

Scan Comparisons

DoseView software provides the user multiple methods of scan comparison including visual overlays and gamma comparisons against the selected reference scans. These comparisons provide the user insight into Linac output changes over time or variations between matched machines.

Scan comparison of user selected reference scans to selected scans of a similar nature. This includes visual as well as direct metric comparison. Gamma comparison in gamma graph to user selected reference scans. User-selected dose difference and distance to agreement values. Isodose Curve PDF Report Generation.

Doseview3d laptop scan 1400

Better Data

The cumulative benefits of high precision build quality and robust software lead to results you can trust.

Maximum Accuracy

Careful attention to detail and the highest grade materials lend itself to 0.1mm accuracy throughout the system. Precise and uncomplicated 3-point leveling makes setup a breeze and provides results you can count on.

Minimize Disturbance

Long time proven electrometer experience and the highest quality hardware gives reliable measurements and allows for easy to analyze results. Automated features like scan ques and SmartSelects save time. Complete control over your scan parameters lets you fine tune your scanning for you specific needs.

Results You Can Count On

Excellent raw data output, requiring minimal post scan processing, means reliable results. Fast Export in multiple formats and to numerous Treatment Planning Systems at no additional cost makes commissioning easy and economical.


DoseView 3D - All New Software Design

A comprehensive overview of the DoseView 3D water scanning system.

The DoseView 3D is an outstanding scanning tank. Setup is simple and easy. Hopefully you are only using your scanning tank once a year. DV3D has made the set up so simple that after 12 months of not using the tank it still feels familiar. The software guides you through step by step on initializing the tank and preparing it for scanning in case you have forgot all the steps since last use. With its three point leveling arm, fine tune position, and auto field centering, setup can be achieved in less than 20 minutes.

Ben Robison

Medical Physicist

We are using this water phantom every month for measurement, thanks to it being very easy to setup and use.

Ganeshkumar Patel

Chief Medical Physicist & RSO

I really did like the distinct features of the DV3D. Take the water reservoir for example, compared to other water tanks where you have to bring the reservoir…. this now makes set up quick and easy.

Hairong Shi, Ph.D., DABR

Chief Medical Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer

Having used other water Phantoms in the past, the DoseView 3D is by far the easiest and most robust scanner I’ve ever worked with. Intuitive setup, taking less than 20 minutes, the resulting scan data was clean, requiring minimal post processing. 

Howard Salmon

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