LUCY ThorX End-to-End SBRT QA+ Phantom

Evaluate your entire radiotherapy treatment process.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Simulation, Treatment Planning, Imaging, and Delivery QA as recommended by TG-53, TG-66, TG-142 and AAPM MPPG guidelines.

Integrated Testing

4 primary modules that are assembled using rods, of a density similar to trabecular bone, around the periphery. Various internal structures and test objects as well as external engravings and fiducials are utilized for integrated testing.

Pseudo-Anthropomorphic Anatomy

Ribs, Vertebrae, Spinal Cord, Lung, and Kidney.

Dose Verification

Measure dose with ion chambers and film. Four detector cavities and targets for Multiple Met SBRT QA.


  • Laser Alignment and Orientation for gantry walls and ceiling
  • CT Couch Orientation, indexing, motion, and position
  • Slice Thickness / Profile Width and Sensitivity Profile
  • CT Number Constancy
  • Field Uniformity and Image Noise
  • Spatial and Contrast Resolution
  • Virtual SIM with Hidden Target Localization, Contouring, and Laser Movement Accuracy
Thorx new slices 1400

Treatment Planning QA

  • High-Contrast Kidney Target
  • High-Contrast Triangle Target
  • DICOM Transfer (Scan vs. Export Orientation, Position, Flip, etc.)
  • Spatial and Contrast Resolution
  • Slice Thickness
  • Field Uniformity and Noise
  • CT Number Constancy
  • In-Plane Spatial Integrity
  • Contouring, Margin Creation, DRR Spatial, Dose and DVH Accuracy
Thorx new targets 1400

Linac Imaging QA

  • DICOM and Volume Transfer Accuracy
  • Spatial Integrity Accuracy
  • TG-142 Position/Reposition, Monthly
  • MV/kV Coordinate Coincidence
  • CBCT Distortion, Spatial Resolution, Contrast, Constancy, Uniformity, and Noise
Thorx scan head 1400

Treatment Delivery QA

  • High-Contrast Kidney Target with Ion Chamber Measurement in Target and Margin
  • High-Contrast Triangle Target with Ion Chamber Measurement
  • Rotating Insert with Target bisected by Film Plane and Ion Chamber Measurement
  • Spinal Insert bisected by Film Plane
  • Target Localization Delivery Accuracy and Dose Verification
Thorx new main 1400
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