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LUCY® 3D QA Phantom

The Lucy 3D QA Phantom exceeds strict demands set by physicists performing SRS/SRT QA. Each component of the Lucy phantom is manufactured within 0.1 mm tolerances, ensuring the most precise, practical SRS tool on the market.

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom part of complete solution for: Stereotactic

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom Overview

Confident Image Fusion

  • Verify the accuracy of image fusion with a single phantom.
  • Fused images can be compared to measurements described in the Lucy specifications to ensure sub-millimeter precision.

Minimize Transfer Errors

  • Industry-leading manufacturing tolerances provide incomparable accuracy when contrasting the Lucy volumes, geometry and distance measurements to images in treatment planning software.
  • These measurements should be evaluated at each step of the imaging process.
  • Rigid tolerances can drastically reduce cumulative uncertainty.

Simple Patient Dosimetry

  • Dosimetry inserts quickly obtain absolute, relative and point-dose dosimetry measurements at isocenter and at exact positions off isocenter.
  • Seamless evaluation of dose as well as geometric accuracy, including CBCT and MV/kV alignment.

Product Dimensions

  • Acrylic Sphere
    140 mm (5.51 in) diameter
  • Blank Filler Plug (HEMI-C)
    81 x 81 x 35 mm (3.19 x 3.19 x 1.38 in)
  • Blank Filler Plug (HEMI-A)
    85 x 85 x 10 mm (3.35 x 3.35 x .39 in)
  • Lucy Midchamber Plug with 4mm Brass Ball
    85 x 85 x 10 mm (3.35 x 3.35 x .39 in)
  • Accessory Port for Ionization Chambers
    8 mm (.31 in) diameter


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