Lucy 3D QA Phantom

Unrivaled 0.1 mm accuracy minimizes errors at each link in the stereotactic QA chain.

Unrivaled, End-To-End Stereotactic QA

The Lucy 3D QA Phantom exceeds strict demands set by physicists performing SRS/SRT QA. Each component of the Lucy phantom is manufactured within 0.1 mm tolerances, ensuring the most precise, practical SRS tool on the market.

Fast, Easy and Customizable Setup

The Lucy 3D QA Phantom interfaces with most commercial SRS frames and frameless systems for fast setup and verification of placement accuracy in patient treatment conditions. The SRS frame (with Lucy) is mounted on the couch and treated within the manufacturer’s exact coordinate system.

Features & Benefits

Confident Image Fusion

Use Lucy to verify the accuracy of image fusion with a single phantom. Fused images can be compared to measurements described in the Lucy specifications to ensure sub-millimeter precision.

Minimize Transfer Errors

Industry-leading manufacturing tolerances provide incomparable accuracy when contrasting the Lucy volumes, geometry and distance measurements to images in treatment planning software. Since these measurements should be evaluated at each step of the imaging process, these rigid tolerances can drastically reduce cumulative uncertainty.

Simple Patient Dosimetry

The dosimetry inserts for the Lucy quickly obtain absolute, relative and point-dose dosimetry measurements at isocenter and at exact positions off isocenter. This allows for a seamless evaluation of dose as well as geometric accuracy, including CBCT and MV/kV alignment.

How It Works



A variety of targeting inserts are available for testing accuracy.

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Lucy Hiw 01 Step1V2


Create and deliver a plan based on known geometry. Measure cumulative errors and systemic uncertainties from end-to-end in the stereotactic QA chain.

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Lucy Hiw 02 Step2V2


Ion chambers or film can confirm prescribed dose and software can help with automatic analysis of TG-142 recommended tests.

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"The Lucy Phantom is a multipurpose phantom for clinical medical physicists. Not only is Lucy a very important tool for Stereotactic Radiosurgery but it is also ideal for CT and MRI QA work."

Raymond Wu, PhD, FAAPM Chief Medical Physicist St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center

"Combined with the A16 chamber, the LUCY Phantom is an exceptional QA device. It is so easy to use with ExacTrac that we use it to perform patient specific QA for every SRS patient treated on our Novalis TX."

Jeff Campbell, MS Medical Physicist Integris Southwest Medical Center

"I have just completed commissioning of the BrainLab Elements software using the Multiple Met Insert with the Lucy 3D QA phantom and Exradin A16 chamber. Film dosimetry was prodigious, but once I got the hang of it, it was actually a very elegant way to handle the commissioning.  Results were good. 3%/1 mm gamma analysis pass rates were on the order of > 90%, better than the recommended criteria of accrediting bodies. The 5%/1 mm results were > 95%. In total, I ran 15 plans and analyzed 37 film planes during the process. Lucy proved to be very amenable to the testing process once I ironed out some issues on the treatment planning and delivery side. Thanks again. I hope that the product is a successful addition to your Lucy product line."

Tobin Hyman, MS Chief Physicist McLeod Regional Medical Center


Lucy 3D QA Phantom - Introduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Lucy unique?

Simply put - unmatched accuracy. The Lucy 3D QA Phantom is the only phantom available where each component is manufactured to strict, 0.1 mm tolerances. This makes the Lucy Phantom an excellent fit for stereotactic treatments where high dose rates (delivered in fewer fractions) require sub-millimeter precision.

Why should I use the Lucy 3D QA Phantom for end-to-end SRS QA?

The Lucy 3D QA Phantom is the only phantom that locks securely into most SRS frames. Additionally, Lucy CT and MR volumetric target inserts can be easily interchanged without compromising positioning. This allows for superior repeatability in each planning reconstruction test, measuring cumulative uncertainties at each stage of imaging, planning, and dose delivery as well as mechanical and geometric alignment.

How does the 3D Volumetric Dosimetry Insert help test a treatment planning system?

The 3D Volumetric Dosimetry Insert provides a target and avoidance structure insert to challenge the ability of the TPS to accurately recreate volume targets, avoidance structures, densities and patient QA with included film inserts.  The multiple targets and avoidance structures, combined with its ability to test every part of the stereotactic chain, makes this insert a valuable addition to your stereotactic QA.

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