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LUCY® 3D QA Phantom Unrivaled 0.1 mm accuracy minimizes errors at each link in the stereotactic QA chain.

The Lucy 3D QA Phantom exceeds strict demands set by physicists performing SRS/SRT QA. Each component of the Lucy phantom is manufactured within 0.1 mm tolerances, ensuring the most precise, practical SRS tool on the market.

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom part of complete solution for: Stereotactic

LUCY® 3D QA Phantom Overview

Confident Image Fusion

  • Verify the accuracy of image fusion with a single phantom.
  • Fused images can be compared to measurements described in the Lucy specifications to ensure sub-millimeter precision.

Minimize Transfer Errors

  • Industry-leading manufacturing tolerances provide incomparable accuracy when contrasting the Lucy volumes, geometry and distance measurements to images in treatment planning software.
  • These measurements should be evaluated at each step of the imaging process.
  • Rigid tolerances can drastically reduce cumulative uncertainty.

Simple Patient Dosimetry

  • Dosimetry inserts quickly obtain absolute, relative and point-dose dosimetry measurements at isocenter and at exact positions off isocenter.
  • Seamless evaluation of dose as well as geometric accuracy, including CBCT and MV/kV alignment.

Product Dimensions

  • Acrylic Sphere
    140 mm (5.51 in) diameter
  • Blank Filler Plug (HEMI-C)
    81 x 81 x 35 mm (3.19 x 3.19 x 1.38 in)
  • Blank Filler Plug (HEMI-A)
    85 x 85 x 10 mm (3.35 x 3.35 x .39 in)
  • Lucy Midchamber Plug with 4mm Brass Ball
    85 x 85 x 10 mm (3.35 x 3.35 x .39 in)
  • Accessory Port for Ionization Chambers
    8 mm (.31 in) diameter



    Lucy lockplate

    Oct 7th, 2021 / Specialized Stereotactic QA

    Exceed the strict demands of Stereotactic QA with phantoms that combine accuracy and precision. Use the Lucy 3D QA Phantom to scan, plan, treat, and verify with an unrivaled 0.1mm accuracy. Use the Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom (SDVP) for SBRT lung and/or CyberKnife QA.
    Webinar Lucy 061021

    Jun 10th, 2021 / Precise SRS Within 0.1mm Tolerance

    Precisely validate the complete Stereotactic QA process from end-to-end using the LUCY 3D QA Phantom. Learn how this most precise phantom can elevate your stereotactic QA.
    010721 Webinar Graphic Web

    Jan 7th, 2021 / End-to-End Stereotactic QA

    Validate the complete Stereotactic QA chain with precise scanning, planning, and treating. When precision and accuracy matter most – use the Lucy 3D QA Phantom.

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