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RIT Supported Phantoms L-Rad Phantom & EPID QA Phantom

Lightfield/Radiation Field Coincidence and TG-142 Imaging & RIT Family of Software

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RIT Supported Phantoms Overview

L-Rad Phantom

Lightfield Radiation

Provides a low-cost solution for medical physicists to perform EPID-based radiation field size and light field coincidence checks. This lightweight phantom’s innovative design allows for both standard and asymmetrical radiation vs. light field tests, at a variety of field sizes.

Key Features

  • Perform EPID-based radiation vs. light field coincidence verifications, both standard and asymmetrical.
  • Verify couch movement, including three-dimensional travel and rotation.
  • Verify EPID scaling and travel, using the embedded BBs.
  • Verify field sizes: 5x5 cm, 10x10 cm, 15x15 cm, and 20x20 cm.

EPID QA Phantom

Support for all EPID devices:

  • Varian aS500
  • Varian As1200
  • Elekta iView
  • Siemens EPID

TG-142 MV Imaging Tests:

  • Geometric Accuracy
  • Low-contrast detectability
  • EPID Signal Isotrophy
  • Resolution
  • Uniformity and Noise
  • Constancy in 5 areas
  • Resolution (MTF)
  • Geometric Distortion
  • Uniformity
  • Contrast
  • Noise

Test Objects

  • 4 Aluminum Plugs (20mm)
  • 5 Sets of 4 Copper Plugs (4.1, 8.6, 13.3, and 19.6mm)
  • 2 Tungsten BBs (0.8mm)
  • 2 Tungsten BBs (1.6mm)


Tech Notes

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