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QA StereoChecker Filmless CyberKnife QA System

Deliver a comprehensive machine QA review of your CyberKnife in minutes.

QASC ML Cgardenfence


Replaces daily non-quantitative film-based Picket Fence Tests and monthly Garden Fence Tests

Measures planned vs. acquired leaf patterns. Capable of detecting leaf variation of 0.2 mm

QASC Iris Batch


Scan quality data every morning.

Measures profiles, field width, penumbra, flatness. Capable of detecting a 0.1 mm field size variation.

QASC Fixed Panda


Replaces film-based AQA with a faster and easier method.

Measures translational and rotational offsets in

three dimensions. Capable of detecting a 0.1 mm

translational offset.

Filmless CyberKnife QA

Ready when you are with speed and accuracy

Streamline operation to perform QA to get accurate, repeatable results in record time. No film, no bulky collimator attachments, and no manipulation of the robot required.

Qa stereochecker feature main 1400

Introduction to QA StereoChecker

TOYOTA Memorial Hospital utilizes the just-in-time concept of TPS (TOYOTA production system) which involves efficiently and completely eliminating waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements on the production line.

So, for that reason, we purchased QASC in order to eliminate unnecessary time, unnecessary costs like film, and inconsistencies with film analyses. Moreover, QASC is easy to use.

Iris QA that actually took more than 4 hours was shortened to about 10 minutes. Measurement and analysis of the flatness test was also easy and our working hours dramatically decreased.

Junji Suzuki, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

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