Absolute Dosimetry

"Pinpoint" is our margin of error

The purest picture of dose

Our legacy of fusing superior manufacturing and sublime mathematics is known the world over; the Absolute Dosimetry solution makes it simple to harness this partnership. Each tool in the solution is built to eliminate distortion and produce a perfect snapshot of delivered dose.


DoseView 1D

Simple, precise setup to easily acquire beam quality and absolute dose measurements that support AAPM TG-51 and IAEA TRS-398. DoseView 1D Software instantly records electrometer data and facilitates depth-dose curve acquisition, improving the efficiency of routine QA testing. 

SuperMAX Electrometer

The SuperMAX combines highly accurate, reference grade measurements, with a revolutionary touchscreen interface and a host of advanced measurement features. Support TG-51 and TRS-398 dosimetry protocols, while quickly acquiring multiple point dose measurements without re-zeroing. 

Exradin A19 Ion Chamber

The classic A19 farmer chamber is constructed with Exradin standards of homegenus design, allowing for faster settling time. This chamber is characterized for TG-51 procedures.

Exradin A11 Ion Chamber

Waterproof A11 Roos-type chamber may be operated while fully submerged without any protective sheath; ideal for repeated TG-51/TRS-398 dose distribution measurements in a water phantom. The large guard allows for the most uniform field lines for electron measurements.