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Exradin® A11 Ion Chamber, Roos-type Parallel Plate, 0.62 cc

Waterproof and may be operated while fully submerged without any protective sheath; ideal for repeated TG-51/TRS-398 dose distribution measurements in a water phantom.

Exradin® A11 Ion Chamber, Roos-type Parallel Plate, 0.62 cc part of complete solution for: Absolute Dosimetry

Collecting Volume

  • 0.62 cm3

Nominal Calibration Factor

  • 5.5 R/nC

Centroid of Collecting Volume

  • 2.0 mm from top of window

Collector Diameter

  • 20.0 mm

Window-Collector Gap

  • 2.0 mm


  • 1.0 mm

Window Support Rings, Collector, and Guard Material

  • A11 - Shonka Air-Equiv. plastic C552
  • P11 - Polystyrene-Equiv. plastic D400
  • T11 - Shonka Tissue-Equiv. plastic A150




    Mar 9th, 2023 / Tools for Scanning Small Fields

    Small fields have met their match. The Exradin Scintillators ensure the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to patients. Discover the advantages of using these detectors that are invisible to the beam and water equivalent.

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