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Exradin® A4 Spherical Ion Chamber, 30cc

30cc collecting volume is ideal for laboratory transfer standards, secondary standards for exposure measurement and integrating exposure over a large area.

Exradin® A4 Spherical Ion Chamber, 30cc part of complete solution for: Annual QA

Exradin® A4 Spherical Ion Chamber, 30cc Overview

Improved Out of Field Reference Signal Measurements and Better Small Field Measurements and Scanning Workflow!

A New Use for a Well-Regarded Detector

The Exradin A4 detector has for years been trusted for precise measurement of radiation exposure and exposure rates. Given its large volume (30 cc), the Exradin A4 also makes a perfect “out of field” reproducible reference detector using linac head leakage.

Detector Setup

Simply attach the Exradin A4 to the reference chamber holder. Easy!

Better Small Field Measurements

Since it is out of field, problematic small field measurements can be taken without a detector “shadow” perturbing the beam. This eliminates scanning chamber interference. Easy!

Better Scanning Workflow

Since it is out of field, you will make fewer trips into the vault for all types of measurements, saving you hours of commissioning time while improving workflow. No repositioning needed. Easy!

A Great Addition to the DoseView 3D System

Also compatible with all other vendors’ water phantoms. Use with any field size.




    Mar 9th, 2023 / Tools for Scanning Small Fields

    Small fields have met their match. The Exradin Scintillators ensure the tightest treatment margins are delivered safely to patients. Discover the advantages of using these detectors that are invisible to the beam and water equivalent.

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