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QA BeamChecker Plus Reliable, Uncomplicated Daily QA

Easier daily QA with simple, fast, and reliable measurements using automatic energy detection.

Reliable, Uncomplicated Daily QA

Perform routine daily QA measurements for traditional linear accelerators and rotational VMAT systems including those from Varian, Elekta, and Accuray.

Fast and Easy

Reduce unnecessary trips to the treatment room. Adaptable technology with enhanced features including advanced modules.

High Dose Rate Compatibility

Rotational and dynamic QA with dose rates up to 2400 MU/min.

Intuitive Communication Software

A straight out of the box solution with powerful reporting and easy to use communication software.
Qabc feature software free 1400

Software-free QA

Standard Imaging's expertise in ion chambers, phantoms and electrometers is the foundation for the innovative QA BeamChecker Plus. Integral build up and automatic energy detection allows the QA BeamChecker Plus to operate independently from its QA management software without the use of wires or cables. Radiation Therapists can deliver beam energies in any order, allowing for fast, intuitive morning QA in up to 9 treatment rooms.


QA BeamChecker Plus Overview

This video demonstrates the basic usage of the QA BeamChecker Plus, including placement on the couch, collection and automatic detection of the energy, and downloading the data for review.
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QA BeamChecker™ Plus

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