QA BeamChecker Plus

Fast, reliable and uncomplicated daily QA

Fast, Reliable Daily QA

Standard Imaging's expertise in ion chambers, phantoms and electrometers is the foundation for the innovative QA BeamChecker Plus. Integral build up and automatic energy detection allows the QA BeamChecker Plus to operate independently from its QA management software without the use of wires or cables. Radiation Therapists do not need to enter the vault between energies, allowing for fast, intuitive morning QA in up to 9 treatment rooms.

Features & Benefits

Automatic Energy Detection

  • Measure energies in any order and automatically detect energy type, begin measurement, apply corrections and display results.
  • Data is automatically saved and the device readies itself for the next energy within 10 seconds for the fastest QA on the market.

Software-Free Operation

  • Does not need to be controlled via PC, allowing for immediate pass/fail results.
  • No cables, no wires, no hassles, download data later allowing for easy trending and reporting.

Wireless Operation

  • Versatile for wireless, real-time data collection using software interface and instantaneous measurement results.
  • Fast, rotational QA is ideal for IMAT, VMAT, TomoTherapy and dynamic wedge tests.

How It Works



The QA BeamChecker Plus creates baselines for each photon and electron energy or multiple plans for static and dynamic exposures of different jaw widths. Once established, the QA BeamChecker Plus can perform Wire-Free daily QA. Unlike competing daily QA instruments, no software is required beyond this initial step.

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Qabcplus On Couch

Software-Free Daily QA

The QA BeamChecker Plus is placed on the treatment couch in same position as during the baseline measurement. The patient camera is aimed at the QA BeamChecker Plus front panel. Any energy for which a baseline exists can be administered as the order of exposure does not matter. Upon beam detection, the display identifies the energy and indicates a “pass” or “fail” compared to the baseline. The measurement is automatically saved and can be viewed later in more detail. If real time measurements are desired, use the wireless software interface for instantaneous measurements.

If the energy passes, the QA BeamChecker Plus automatically resets after a brief period and readies itself for the next exposure. Once all energies of one type are completed, the unit is simply flipped over to utilize the appropriate integrated build-up. 1.5 cm of water equivalent build-up is provided on the electron side, 3.5 cm on the photon side.

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Qabc Autoenergy


When the routine is completed, the QA BeamChecker Plus is placed onto its included cradle for a recharge and link to the PC. Periodically, QA data can be transferred to a database for trending and analysis.

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Qabcplus On Cradle

Automatic Alignment for CyberKnife Systems

The Cutting Board for QA BeamChecker Plus is equipped with implanted fiducial markers which allow for accurate alignment of the QABC+ using the CyberKnife system’s treatment localization system (TLS).

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Cuttingboard V3


QA BeamChecker Plus
REF Number 90501
Height 6.15 cm (2.42 in)
Width 30.86 cm (12.15 in)
Length 40.64 cm (16 in)
Weight 5.0 kg (11 lbs)
Height (Power/Data Cradle) 7.16 cm (2.82 in)
Width (Power/Data Cradle) 10.16 cm (4.0 in)
Length (Power/Data Cradle) 29.21 cm (11.50 in)
Weight (Power/Data Cradle) 1.8 kg (4 lbs)
8 Vented Ionization Chambers, Fully Guarded One center detector
Four quadrant detectors, 7.5 cm from center
Three energy identification chambers
Chamber Volume 0.6 cm3
Parallel Plate Separation 4.0 mm
Collection Electrode 1.39 cm diameter
Inherent Buildup Photons: 3.5 cm water-equivalent material
Electrons: 1.5 cm water-equivalent material
Radiation Measured Photons: 60Co to 25 MV
Electrons: 6 MeV to 25 MeV
Muliple Vault Capability Up to 9 rooms, any combination of linear accelerator or Rotational systems
Temperature and Pressure Measurement Precision sensor on board, automatic compensation
Pressure Range, Resolution 600 - 800 mmHg, 0.1 mmHg
Temperature Range, Resolution 10 - 40 °C, 0.1 °C
Light Field Alignment 20 cm x 20 cm alignment grid for easy setup
TomoTherapy Alignment Three 2 mm embedded lead BBs, top, rear, side alignment marks
Real Time Clock Date and time stamp for all measurements for easy setup
Internal Memory Store 512 data points before transfer required
Power/Data Cradle Interface for battery charging and serial communications
Two 9 pin serial cables provided, 7.6 m (25 ft) and 33 m (100 ft)
Battery 1.3 Ah SLA, provides approximately 4 hours of continuous use
Charger Input 90 - 240 VAC, 50-60 hz, IEC 60601-1 approved wall mounted power supply
Operating System Windows® 10 Professional
Processor Intel® or AMD®, 350 MHz or greater
Memory 64 MB (256 MB recommended)
Hard Drive 50 MB or greater
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 recommended)
CD-ROM Drive 2X speed or greater
Other Requirements One available serial port
Options Gantry Mount (REF 70500)
Additional Power/Data Cradle (REF 70502)
Serial to USB adapter (REF 70503)
Leveling Platform, for TomoTherapy® Use (REF 70505)
Bluetooth Adapter Kit (REF 70504)
Product Standards CE0413
U.S. Patent Numbers. 7,189,975

"BeamChecker is a great device.  For the therapist there is no software or cables that need to run every morning.  This allows for quick and easy warmups.  With the customized options we can check wedge placement and a VMAT test case every morning.  BeamChecker is a smart and simple device. We have been using it since 2012 and are very pleased with its performance."

Ben Robison Medical Physicist Provision Radiation Therapy

“The QA BeamChecker has been a reliable and easy to use morning QA device for our cancer center, and a welcome upgrade for our entire team.  Our therapists appreciate the setup simplicity in the early morning, our physicists trust the output results, and our management team values us starting the day on time while ensuring patient safety.”

Kayla Kielar, PhD Medical Physicist Dorothy E. Schneider Cancer Center

"My therapists threatened to mutiny if they weren't allowed to buy the QA BeamChecker Plus."

Michael J. Tallhamer Medical Physicist Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

"We have the QA BeamChecker Plus at three sites. It is the best device I have used in 25 years as a medical physicist."

Al Foster, PhD Senior Medical Physicist IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

"When it came time to purchase a new daily check device, we chose to try the QA BeamChecker based upon Standard Imaging's reputation for producing well-designed, quality equipment. During our demo period, we were impressed by the design, ease of use, and quality of construction. Comparing it to our previous device, we save an average of 20 minutes on our daily procedure. Given the choice, our users unanimously chose the QA BeamChecker over other manufacturers. Since then, we have purchased QA BeamChecker Plus units for four of our other centers and will look to Standard Imaging for further daily check device purchases."

Kurt Stump Ph.D., DABR Medical Physicist Santa Maria Radiation Oncology Medical Center


QA BeamChecker Plus Overview

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