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CyberKnife Innovative products for an innovative treatment device

Qasc feature white 1400

Filmless CyberKnife QA System

Designed to be used by both physicists and therapists, this easy, cost-saving method for complete daily CyberKnife QA enables improved frequency and depth of QA practices, potentially improving clinical results.

Learn more about QA StereoChecker™
Cybercross feature dtb 1400

When A Laser Point Just Isn't Enough

The CyberCross™ resolves setup issues quickly and easily for physicists using QA devices that rely on crosshair markings for alignment to isocenter.

Learn more about CyberCross™
Qabc feature on couch right white 1400

Reliable, Uncomplicated Daily QA

Reduce your morning QA time to less than 10 minutes with the QA BeamChecker & Cutting Board.

Learn more about QA BeamChecker™ Plus
Qabc feature on cutboard white 1400

Cutting Board for QA BeamChecker Plus

Equipped with implanted fiducial markers which allow for accurate alignment of the QABC+ using the CyberKnife system’s treatment localization system (TLS).

Learn more about CyberKnife Cutting Board for the QA BeamChecker™ Plus
Sdvp feature 2 config white 1400

Versatile Stereotactic QA

Ion chamber and film dose measurements in a water-equivalent phantom designed specifically for stereotactic radiosurgery and recommended by Accuray.

Learn more about Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom
Supermax feature topdown white 1400

Advanced Dosimetry

The premier two-channel, reference-grade electrometer on the market.

Learn more about SuperMAX™ Electrometer
Exradin cascade 1400

The purest picture of dose

Fast and precise measurements with minimal settling times.

Learn more about Exradin® Ion Chambers
Pips stereo feature 1400 v3

PIPSpro Software Stereotactic

Easy analysis, trending and reporting for TG-106.

Learn more about PIPSpro™ Software
Doseview 1d feature main white 1400

More Accurate Scans, In Less Time

Superior 0.05 mm accuracy of position and repeatability over entire travel distance produced by leadscrew shaft.

Learn more about DoseView™ 1D
Qacc feature main white 1400

Comprehensive Beam Verification and Analysis

Comprehensive beam verification and analysis without the hassle of large phantoms.

Learn more about QA CrossChecker™
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