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CyberCross Alignment without hassle

CyberCross™ converts the CyberKnife® laser beam into a laser reticle.

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CyberCross™ Overview

The CyberKnife® System is not equipped with a crosshair marker. The CyberCross™ resolves setup issues quickly and easily for physicists using QA devices that rely on crosshair markings for alignment to isocenter.

Unique Clinical Advantages

  • Fill The Void - Provide a means to accurately position QA equipment in the direct primary beam by using the CyberCross™, which inserts a crosshair lens into the central axis laser beam of the CyberKnife® System’s manipulator.
  • Lock in the Offset - Commission and verify the InCise™ MLC system by easily setting and locking the crosshair lens at the required 15-degree offset.
  • Versatility - Align all types of phantoms for quality assurance tests by installing and using the device on the Fixed, Iris or InCise™ MLC collimator housings.
  • Specifically Calibrated - Ensure the device for ready for your specific CyberKnife® machine anytime a crosshair marker is needed by following the calibration procedure before first-time use.

CyberCross™ Specifications

  • Length
    5.89 (149.5 mm)
  • Width
    3.62 (92 mm)
  • Height
    2.22 in (56.5 mm)
  • Weight
    13.3 oz (376 g)



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