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Continuous dedication to first-class customer service, forging long-standing partnerships and fostering innovation helps Standard Imaging pave an intuitive path to superior QA.

Since its inception, Standard Imaging has been grounded in reliability and trust. These qualities are still evident in our long-standing partnerships with customers around the world, and in our day-to-day relations with co-workers and colleagues. Standard Imaging maintains an eco-friendly facility equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for the production of radiation calibration instruments. Beginning with the HDR 1000 Well Chamber, we have leveraged relationships with physicists worldwide to provide its customers with practical, precise products for their daily, monthly and annual quality assurance needs.

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Standard Imaging is committed to the fight against cancer by offering a suite of innovative products aimed at supporting radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Propelled by clinical research and steered by vetted product managers, our hardware and software engineers are able to solve QA dilemmas through the generation of new instruments and evolution of pre-existing tools. This fusion of creation and refinement has expanded Standard Imaging’s product line to include electrometers, ion chambers, phantoms, QA software, beam QA instruments and brachytherapy calibration devices ideally suited to its customers’ needs.

Standard Imaging is proud to be a leading manufacturer of radiation calibration and quality assurance instruments that promote patient safety and effective cancer treatment.

Vision of Standard Imaging

Setting the standard for advancing radiation QA in healthcare.

Mission of Standard Imaging

We provide valued products and resources to the medical physics community by wisely leveraging technology and fostering relationships to achieve both customer and employee loyalty.

Values of Standard Imaging

Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Citizenship, Family, Learning, Fun.

Quality Policy of Standard Imaging

Advancing Radiation QA We advance the use of radiation by health care professionals with radiation quality assurance solutions that are innovative, effective, valued, compliant and eco-friendly.

Carmen Crook

Human Resources Director

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