MIMI Phantom

Ensure image guidance accuracy by measuring the coincidence of isocenter prescribed by the lasers, treatment beam and image guidance systems.

Easy Alignment, Automatic Registration

Five bone equivalent rods intersect at 90 degree angles. These rods are visible in any image or slice for automatic registration of 2D/2D and 3D/3D matching and verification of isocenter position.

Fast, Accurate Alignment Checks

  • Establish mechanical stability of an image guidance system by verifying isocenter within 1 mm.
  • A 6.4 mm sphere at the center of the phantom assists with virtual and physical graticule alignment checks.


Designed exclusively for the MIMI phantom, the HexaCheck allows secure integration with the MIMI Phantom making it easy to perform 6D couch commissioning and QA.

  • Select up to three angle offsets disengaging and locking one of three pins and for each desired ± 2.5° angular offset for pitch, yaw, and roll. The center fiducial remains at isocenter.
  • Instantly locks into couch for isocenter alignment and repeatable positioning to within 0.1°.
  • Compatible with a wide range of couches, including: Varian Perfect Pitch, Elekta HexaPod, CIVCO Protura, Brainlab Robotics 6D, and Accuray RoboCouch.
  • The HexaCheck tests multiple angular displacement at one time in pitch, yaw, and roll. Working together, the MIMI phantom and HexaCheck are a surrogate for a patient that may or may not be perfectly localized on the treatment couch. The HexaCheck determines the exact offset performance of the couch in millimeters and degrees, and is used with linac registration software. Without a HexaCheck, exact angular offsets in pitch, roll, and yaw cannot be determined.

Features & Benefits

Test Automatic Table Adjustments

The MIMI Phantom features additional cross-hair markers that are offset known distances from the true isocenter. Setting up the phantom aligned to these offsets allows you to verify the shifts prescribed by automatic table positioning systems.

Test Integrated System Accuracy of:

  • 3D Cone Beam registration (CBCT, OBI, XVI) systems
  • MV/kV Isocentricity
  • Lasers and Couch Table Adjustments
  • Optical Guidance Systems
  • Virtual and physical graticules
  • 6D couch pitch, yaw, roll

Accuracy in 6 Dimensions

HexaCheck fits seamlessly into your workflow as an extension of your 3D IGRT QA routine. And if you’re a PIPSpro user, you’re in luck -- 6D couch QA functionality is already built into PIPSpro’s IGRT QA module.


MIMI Phantom
REF Number 91240 - MIMI Phantom
Height 14 cm (5.5 in)
Width 14 cm (5.5 in)
Length 14 cm (5.5 in)
Weight 2.8 kg (6.1 lbs)
Materials Cross-linked polystyrene for main phantom Black PVC Rods (bone equivalent)

"The MIMI phantom saves me time in comparison to other Isocentricity phantoms I've used because I do not have to manually window and level the contrast on my IGRT workstation due to greater material density differences."

Candace Bletscher, MS Medical Physicist Cabrillo Radiation Center

“The HexaCheck, in conjunction with the MIMI phantom, is a robust tool that enables the implementation of an efficient methodology to quality assure 6 DoF couches on a daily basis so both translational and rotational correction shifts can be validated. We have been using the MIMI/HexaCheck for the daily CBCT & kV/kV QA in our proton center with great results as we have been gearing up to treat patients. We will continue to use them once we start treating patients to ensure accuracy of our 6D set up corrections.”

Alonso N. Gutiérrez, Ph.D. Chief Medical Physicist Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florida

“The HexaCheck provides a good way for us to QA our 6 degrees of freedom couch, which is an absolute necessity since we use it daily to reposition our SBRT patients.”

Joshua James, M.S. Clinical Physicist University of Louisville James G. Brown Cancer Center Department of Radiation Oncology

“The HexaCheck paired with the MIMI phantom is the simplest and most comprehensive 6D couch QA solution I have worked with. Since it is easy to set up & adjust, this becomes a great commissioning tool that gives the physicist confidence with their 6D couch QA."

Rob Cessac Customer Support & Commissioning Manager Mevion Medical Systems


HexaCheck Tutorial

0.53 min


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