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Machine QA

MIMI™ Phantom

Ensure image guidance accuracy by measuring the coincidence of isocenter prescribed by the lasers, treatment beam and image guidance systems.

MIMI™ Phantom part of complete solution for: Daily QA

MIMI™ Phantom Overview

Test Automatic Table Adjustments

  • Additional cross-hair markers that are offset known distances from the true isocenter.
  • Setting up the phantom aligned to these offsets allows you to verify the shifts prescribed by automatic table positioning systems.

Test Integrated System Accuracy of:

  • 3D Cone Beam registration (CBCT, OBI, XVI) systems
  • MV/kV Isocentricity
  • Lasers and Couch Table Adjustments
  • Optical Guidance Systems
  • Virtual and physical graticules
  • 6D couch pitch, yaw, roll

Accuracy in 6 Dimensions

  • HexaCheck fits seamlessly into your workflow as an extension of your 3D IGRT QA routine.
  • 6D couch QA functionality is already built into PIPSpro’s IGRT QA module.

REF Number

  • 91240 - MIMI Phantom


  • Height
    14 cm (5.5 in)
  • Width
    14 cm (5.5 in)
  • Length
    14 cm (5.5 in)
  • Weight
    2.8 kg (6.1 lbs)


  • Cross-linked polystyrene for main phantom Black PVC Rods (bone equivalent)


Tech Notes

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