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Designed exclusively for the MIMI™ Phantom, the HexaCheck allows secure integration with the MIMI Phantom making it easy to perform 6D couch commissioning and QA.

HexaCheck™ part of complete solution for: Daily QA

HexaCheck™ Overview

Built in Accuracy

  • Select up to three angle offsets by disengaging and locking one of three pins for each desired ± 2.5° angular offset.
  • Repeatability ±0.05°, and accuracy ± 0.10°
  • Instantly locks into couch for isocenter alignment and repeatable positioning.
  • Features built-in spirit level.

Fits Your Workflow

  • 6D couch commissioning and QA becomes quick and easy.
  • Seamlessly incorporates into your current IGRT QA Workflow.
  • Compatible with other, existing QA products, including: MIMI, the Universal Couch Lock, and PIPSpro software.

Fits Your Couch

  • The HexaCheck is compatible with a wide variety of couches, inlcuding: Varian Perfect Pitch, Elekta HexaPod, CIVCO Protura, Brainlab Robotics 6D, and Accuray RoboCouch.


  • Height
    11.89 cm (4.68 in.)
  • Width
    29.21 cm (11.50 in.)
  • Length
    28.45 cm (11.20 in.)
  • Weight
    2.88 kg (6.35 lbs)


  • Acetal for HexaCheck and thumbscrews
  • Aluminum hardware and screws
  • Steel springs


Tech Notes

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