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HexaCheck Accuracy in 6 Dimensions

Designed exclusively for the MIMI™ Phantom, the HexaCheck allows secure integration with the MIMI Phantom making it easy to perform 6D couch commissioning and QA.

HexaCheck™ part of complete solution for: Daily QA

HexaCheck™ Overview

Built in Accuracy

  • Select up to three angle offsets by disengaging and locking one of three pins for each desired ± 2.5° angular offset.
  • Repeatability ±0.05°, and accuracy ± 0.10°
  • Instantly locks into couch for isocenter alignment and repeatable positioning.
  • Features built-in spirit level.

Fits Your Workflow

  • 6D couch commissioning and QA becomes quick and easy.
  • Seamlessly incorporates into your current IGRT QA Workflow.
  • Compatible with other, existing QA products, including: MIMI, the Universal Couch Lock, and PIPSpro software.

Fits Your Couch

  • The HexaCheck is compatible with a wide variety of couches, inlcuding: Varian Perfect Pitch, Elekta HexaPod, CIVCO Protura, Brainlab Robotics 6D, and Accuray RoboCouch.


  • Height
    11.89 cm (4.68 in.)
  • Width
    29.21 cm (11.50 in.)
  • Length
    28.45 cm (11.20 in.)
  • Weight
    2.88 kg (6.35 lbs)


  • Acetal for HexaCheck and thumbscrews
  • Aluminum hardware and screws
  • Steel springs




    May 14th, 2020 / Use of MIMI Phantom & HexaCheck in a Multi Technology Platform Cancer Center

    Presented by Alonso Gutierrez, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President and Chief Physicist at Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florida. He delves into the use of MIMI Phantom and HexaCheck in a multi-technology platform cancer center.

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