Warranty Information

Warranty Policy

Standard Imaging, Inc. sells this product under the warranty herein set forth. The warranty is extended only to the buyer purchasing the product directly from Standard Imaging, Inc. or as a new product from an authorized dealer or distributor of Standard Imaging, Inc.

For a period provided in the table below from the date of original delivery to the purchaser or a distributor, this Standard Imaging, Inc. product, provided in the table, is warranted against functional defects in design, materials and workmanship, provided it is properly operated under conditions of normal use, and that repairs and replacements are made in accordance herewith. The foregoing warranty shall not apply to normal wear and tear, or if the product has been altered, disassembled or repaired other than by Standard Imaging, Inc. or if the product has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident.

Product Warranty

  • Standard Imaging Ionization Chambers: 5 years
  • Standard Imaging Detectors: 1 year
  • Standard Imaging Well Chambers: 2 years
  • Standard Imaging Electrometers: 5 years
  • Standard Imaging BeamChecker Products: 2 years
  • Standard Imaging Software Products: 1 year
  • All Other Standard Imaging Products: 1 year
  • Standard Imaging Custom Products: 1 year
  • Standard Imaging Remanufactured Products: 180 days
  • Standard Imaging Custom Select Products: 90 days
  • Consumables: 90 days
  • Serviced Product: 90 days (for service performed)
  • Resale Products: As defined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • ADCL Product Calibration (Standard Imaging uses the UW-ADCL for recalibrations required under warranty, unless otherwise requested):
    0 – 90 days = 100% of ADCL Calibration Costs
    91 – 182 days = 75% of ADCL Calibration Costs
    183 – 365 days = 50% of ADCL Calibration Costs
    366 – 639 days = 25% of ADCL Calibration Costs
    (days from date of shipment to customer)

Standard Imaging's sole and exclusive obligation and the purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under the above warranties are, at Standard Imaging's option, limited to repairing, replacing free of charge or revising labeling and manual content on, a product: (1) which contains a defect covered by the above warranties; (2) which are reported to Standard Imaging, Inc. not later than seven (7) days after the expiration date of the warranty period in the table; (3) which are returned to Standard Imaging, Inc. promptly after discovery of the defect; and (4) which are found to be defective upon examination by Standard Imaging Inc. All transportation charges (including customs, tariffs, duties and brokerage fees) are the buyer's responsibility. This warranty extends to every part of the product excluding consumables (fuses, batteries, or glass breakage) or material reactions. Standard Imaging, Inc. shall not be otherwise liable for any damages, including but not limited to, incidental damages, consequential damages, or special damages. Repaired or replaced products are warranted for the balance of the original warranty period, or at least 90 days.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, whether statutory or otherwise, including any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Standard Imaging, Inc. be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse or abuse of the product or caused by any defect, failure, malfunction or material reactions of the product, whether a claim of such damages is based upon the warranty, contract, negligence, or otherwise.

This warranty represents the current standard warranty of Standard Imaging, Inc. Please refer to the labeling or instruction manual of your Standard Imaging, Inc. product or the Standard Imaging, Inc. web page for any warranty conditions unique to the product.

Customer Responsibility

This product and its components will perform properly and reliably only when operated and maintained in accordance with the instructions contained in this manual and accompanying labels. A defective device should not be used. Parts which may be broken or missing or are clearly worn, distorted or contaminated should be replaced immediately with genuine replacement parts manufactured by or made available from Standard Imaging Inc.

CAUTION: Federal law in the U.S.A. and Canadian law restrict the sale, distribution, or use of this product to, by, or on the order of a licensed medical practitioner. The use of this product should be restricted to the supervision of a qualified medical physicist. Measurement of high activity radioactive sources is potentially hazardous and should be performed by qualified personnel.

CAUTION: As desired by IAEA, English is the default language for labeling and manuals. If translated versions are available, resolve any differences in favor of the English versions.

WARNING: Proper use of this device depends on careful reading of all instructions and labels.

WARNING: Where applicable, Standard Imaging products are designed to be used with the versions of common radiation delivery devices, treatment planning systems and other products or systems used in the delivery of ionizing radiation, available at the time the Standard Imaging product is released. Standard Imaging does not assume responsibility, liability and/or warrant against, problems with the use, reliability, safety or effectiveness that arise due to the evolution, updates or changes to these products or systems in the future. It is the responsibility of the customer or user to determine if the Standard Imaging product can be properly used with these products or systems.

Should repair or replacement of this product become necessary after the warranty period, the customer should seek advice from Standard Imaging Inc. prior to such repair or replacement. If this product is in need of repair, it should not be used until all repairs have been made and the product is functioning properly and ready for use. After repair, the product may need to be calibrated. The owner of this product has sole responsibility for any malfunction resulting from abuse, improper use or maintenance, or repair by anyone other than Standard Imaging Inc.

Standard Imaging will make numerous and reasonable attempts to contact a customer following completed manufacture or service of a product. Should a customer product remain at Standard Imaging for more than 1 year following its completed manufacture or service, Standard Imaging reserves the right to resell, restock, donate, discard or destroy the product.

The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. Please see www.standardimaging.com for the latest information. No part of this manual may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Standard Imaging Inc.

Service Policy

If service, including recalibration, is required, please contact Standard Imaging's Customer Service department by phone or email prior to shipping the product. Standard Imaging's Customer Service and Technical Service staff will attempt to address the product issue via phone or email. If unable to address the issue, a return material authorization (RMA) number will be issued. With the RMA number, the product can be returned to Standard Imaging. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly package, insure and ship the product, with the RMA number clearly identified on the outside of the package. The customer must immediately file a claim with their carrier for any shipping damage or lost shipments. Return shipping and insurance is to be pre-paid or billed to the customer, and the customer may request a specific shipper. Items found to be out of warranty are subject to a minimum service fee of 1 hour labor (excluding recalibrations) for diagnostic efforts and require a purchase order (PO) before service is performed. With concurrence from customer, the product may be replaced if it is unserviceable or if the required service is cost prohibitive. Products incurring service charges may be held for payment. Standard Imaging does not provide loaner products. See the Standard Imaging Warranty and Customer Responsibility for additional information.

Return Policy

No merchandise will be accepted for credit without prior approval of return. Please contact Standard Imaging's Customer Service Department to receive a return authorization number before returning any merchandise for exchange or credit. Products manufactured by Standard Imaging must be returned within thirty days of receipt of order in 'like new' condition. No credit will be given for products returned after thirty days from receipt of order. A minimum twenty percent restocking fee will be charged on all returned merchandise. All materials returned must be shipped pre-paid. Credit for returned goods will be issued to customer's account for use against future purchases of merchandise only. Special orders, custom products, re-sale (not manufactured by Standard Imaging) products, and ADCL calibrations will not be accepted for return credit or exchange.

All products may not be registered, cleared, licensed or approved for sale in all countries or territories. Please contact Standard Imaging Customer Care for details.