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Technical Support Services

Why Standard Imaging Technical Support Advisors receive rave customer reviews and a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) for their educational expertise and support

  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric that businesses use to gauge how their customers feel about them. Generally, any NPS over 30 is considered good, over 50 is great, and over 70 is world-class. Standard Imaging’s score is 76%!

Technical Support Services

When you purchase QA hardware or software from Standard Imaging, support doesn’t end when you receive your invoice. We offer a host of technical services to give you the confidence that your solution is operating at its peak performance, such as our complimentary Let's Get Started sessions which guarantee you know how to use our QA solution straight out of the box or our Advanced Installation Services that cover challenges like managing QA data among multiple sites, modifying DB, setting up SQL servers, etc. Other services include:

  • Data management assistance
  • System configuration assistance
  • Operating system assistance
  • Application support
  • Installation support/user training - online, on-site, or at SI corporate headquarters
  • Upgrade support
  • Software set up assistance/user permissions
  • Firewall troubleshooting and advice
  • Assistance with importing files, images, documents for TSAs to analyze
  • Assistance with downloading the latest versions of software updates

Educational Learning Opportunities

Whether you want on-site training to learn how to set up and use your new hardware or software QA solution from Standard Imaging or remote online training, we’ve got you covered! You are also cordially invited to attend educational programs at our Corporate Headquarters when offered.

  • Let’s Get Started online sessions guided by Technical Support Advisors – FREE!
  • Remote Follow-up Training guided by Technical Support Advisors – FREE!
  • Maximizing Your Product Experience webinars guided by product experts … Medical Physicist with hands-on experience and expertise using SI products clinically – FREE!
    • These interactive webinars are informative, as well as a great platform to ask product experts about overcoming QA challenges and/or learning about best practices.
  • Onsite Setup & Training – Fee-Based
    • Adaptivo
    • DoseView 3D
    • LinacView
    • Lucy 3D QA Phantom
    • PIPSpro Software
    • QA Pilot Software
    • QA CrossChecker
    • QA StereoChecker
  • Locum-type Training on-site or online sessions guided by Technical Support Advisors - Fee Based
    • These educational opportunities are specifically designed for locum tenens or Medical Physicists who are new to an organization and possibly not familiar with Standard Imaging QA equipment at the facility where they work.

Linac and TPS Commissioning Services

The commissioning of a linear accelerator is a time-consuming task. Considering the Medical Physicist has many tasks needing to be addressed during this time it is more cost-effective for a clinic to outsource this effort. Standard Imaging only partners with recognized established full-service medical physics practice commissioning groups. These partners are industry-leading medical physics consulting services around the globe. We are dedicated to your success with local, customized cost-effective solutions addressing your technology, safety, and regulatory needs. Learn More

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