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Linac & TPS Commissioning Services

The commissioning of a linear accelerator is a time-consuming task. Considering the Medical Physicist has many tasks needing to be addressed during this time it is more cost-effective for a clinic to outsource this effort. Standard Imaging only partners with recognized established full-service medical physics practice commissioning groups. These partners are industry-leading medical physics consulting services around the globe. We are dedicated to your success with local, customized cost-effective solutions addressing your technology, safety, and regulatory needs.

Get started 5 weeks earlier

We can commission a linac in less than one week. We deliver on beam data collection, beam modeling, TPS validation, and absolute dosimetry TG-51/TRS 398 calibration often within 4-5 days to get your linac ready fast and gain weeks of treatment time with no shortcuts. You have full data collection and validation enabling you to treat patients sooner.

Experience gives peace of mind

Our team of board-certified or board eligible radiation oncology professionals deliver comprehensive physics and dosimetry support on-site and have over 500 successful projects completed. We believe giving extraordinary effort gives you amazing results. We use only beam data from your actual machine, on-site and customize the experience for you. Our Medical Physics partners help you gain confidence by delivering fast results with high accuracy using proven efficient procedures and real-time data validation.

Accelerate your return on investment

Critical features of any Medical Physics Service are time and experience. These are heavily reliant on the equipment used. As the manufacturer of valuable QA solutions, we bring the advantage of understanding both the equipment and service introducing operational efficiency. We seamlessly integrate our QA solutions into support service implementation for a synergistic benefit that results in a greater understanding of your clinic’s needs. We leave you with the databook, software with acquired data to interact with, configuration information, reports generated, and in-depth application and equipment training so you have everything you need to continue to be successful.

Range of services augment your work

Look to us for acceptance testing, commissioning, representative data, annual measurements, absolute dosimetry, or even monthly QA to save you time for any QA need in most modalities for photon and electrons energies. We cover beam modeling for Varian, Elekta, and Accuray linear accelerators, all commercially available treatment planning systems, algorithms, wedges, portal imagers, and stereotactic MLC and cones.

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