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Pro-RT ED Account for tissue heterogeneity

The Pro-RT ED phantom is used to account for tissue heterogeneity in radiotherapy treatment planning.

Pro-RT ED part of complete solution for: CyberKnife

Pro-RT ED Overview

The Pro-RT ED phantom is used to account for tissue heterogeneity in radiotherapy treatment planning. It can be used to define the precise correlation of CT data to the electron density of various tissues. The phantom consists of two nested disks that represent the head and abdomen. Nine different tissue equivalent electron density plugs can be positioned at 17 different locations within the scan field. Included is a water vial plug that can be filled with any fluid. Optional distance marker plugs enable quick assessment of the CT scanner’s distance measurement accuracy.

Perform Tests:

  • CT value measurement (HU)
  • Evaluate CT scan data
  • Correct for inhomogeneities
  • Document relationship between CT number and tissue electron density
  • Simulate indicated tissue within the diagnostic energy range
  • Quick assessment of distance registration


  • Electron Density Head Insert
    180 mm diameter x 50 mm
  • Electron Density Body without Head Insert
    330 mm x 270 mm x 50 mm

Electron density plugs

  • Lung
  • Lung
  • Breast
    50% Gland / 50% Adipose
  • Solid Trabecular Bone
    200 mg/cc HA
  • Liver
  • Muscle
  • Adipose
  • Solid Dense Bone
    800 mg/cc HA
  • Solid Dense Bone
    1250 mg/cc HA
  • Water-fillable plug


  • set of 2 Feet
  • carrying case

Complies with

  • IEC 61223-3-5
  • IEC 61223-2-6
  • AAPM guidelines
  • ACR guidelines
  • 21CFR 1020.33 specifications
  • CE certified

Tissue Equivalent Materials: All materials accurately simulate indicated tissue within the diagnostic energy range. Electron Density Relative to Water:

  • Phantom Body (water equivalent)
  • Adipose (Fat) Tissue AP-7
  • Breast Tissue (BR-12) 50% gland/ 50% Adipose
  • Hard Cortical Bone (SB-5) Solid Dense Bone-1250 mg/cc HA
  • Inner Bone (IB-7) Solid Trabecular Bone-200mg/cc HA
  • Average Rib Bone (RB-2) Solid Dense Bone-800 mg/cc HA
  • Lung Tissue (LN-10) CIRS = Lung inhale
  • Liver (LV-1) also see muscle for similar
  • Lung Exhale
  • Soft Tissue ST1
  • Kidney KD-1
  • Muscle
  • Water fillable Vial or Syringe if they sell vial

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