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QA StereoChecker™

Designed to be used by both physicists and therapists, this easy method for complete daily CyberKnife QA enables improved frequency and depth of QA practices, potentially improving clinical results.

QA StereoChecker™ part of complete solution for: CyberKnife

QA StereoChecker™ Overview

Automated Iris™ QA (Accuray)

  • Complete in 5 minutes
  • Scan quality data every morning
  • Measure profiles, field width, penumbra, flatness
  • Capable of detecting a 0.1 mm field size variation

Treatment Localization System QA-TLS/TDS (Accuray Quality Assurance™)

  • Complete in 5 minutes
  • Replaces film-based AQA and is faster and easier
  • Measure absolute eccentric and center deviation
  • Capable of detecting a 0.5 mm total translational offset

Picket Fence and Garden Fence Tests

  • Complete in 5 minutes
  • Replaces daily non-quantitative daily film-based Picket Fence Tests and monthly Garden Fence Tests
  • Measures planned vs. acquired leaf patterns
  • Capable of detecting leaf variations of 0.2 mm

  • Dimensions
    38.7 cm L x 32.7 cm W x 4.9 cm H
  • Photons
    60Co to 15 MV


  • Total Pixel Number
    1024 x 1024
  • Active Pixel Number
    1000 x 1000
  • Pitch
    200 µm
  • Total area
    204.8 x 204.8 mm2


  • ADC
    16 bit, 1 MSps


  • Dynamic Range
    > 88 dB
  • Scintillator

Software Specifications

  • Operating system
    Windows® 10 Professional
  • Processor
    Intel Core (At least dual-core recommended)
  • Memory
    8 GB RAM (16 recommended)
  • Hard Drive
    2 GB Free (20 GB Recommended)
  • Screen resolution
    1024 x 768 or higher
  • Ports
    RJ45 (Ethernet)


Tech Notes

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