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Announcing QA StereoChecker™ 2.0: Single click image acquisition, automated trending of all metrics, and more

Posted: Dec 6th, 2022
Product Announcements

MIDDLETON, WI-Standard Imaging, Inc., is excited to announce that a new version of QA StereoChecker™ has been released and is now available. QA StereoChecker is a high-resolution comprehensive SRS CyberKnife machine QA device that acquires and analyzes high resolution test images.

“Every aspect of the software has been updated to improve efficiency and add valuable information to verify machine performance and maximize machine uptime,” said Andrea Zens, Standard Imaging Product Manager. “Single click image acquisition, analysis, and reporting; automatic trending of all test metrics; a new comprehensive database; an upgraded absolute position MLC Garden Fence test; and a new patented Iris PANDA test are just a few of the benefits of QA StereoChecker 2.0.”

QA StereoChecker has a fast, consistent setup and alignment using fiducial tracking, tests performed in clinical mode without manipulation of the robot or collimator attachments. It replaces current lengthy, cumbersome and potentially inconsistent film-based QA methods.

The new version offers advanced reporting, full trending of all test metrics, and a highly intuitive, automated workflow. A single click starts a QA test, and the image and metrics are analyzed, displayed, and trended within seconds.

New Features:

  • Web application with rich user interface accessible from any PC on the hospital network.
  • Highly automated image acquisition, analysis, trending, and reporting for CyberKnife daily QA.
  • Linear Accelerator QA of single fields up to 15 x 15 cm using MLC or fixed-cone collimators.
  • Absolute position MLC Garden Fence Test measured against Accuray’s four test criteria.
  • Automatic database and image storage including retrieval and archive.
  • Dashboard summaries and Review Tickets for electronic signoffs.
  • Manual QA mode for high-resolution, composited image capture for DICOM export.

“QA StereoChecker v2.0 is the latest addition to our web-based software product portfolio,” said Eric DeWerd, Standard Imaging President. “Similar to DoseView, Adaptivo and MaxSD, QA StereoChecker v2.0 offers customers easy navigation, quick dashboard views, and comprehensive data.”

About Standard Imaging

Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments that improves patient safety and cancer treatment. Grounded in reliability and trust, we’ve dedicated more than 30 years to developing solutions that save you time, while maintaining accurate and precise results with unmatched support along the way. It’s your time. Be precise. For more information, contact us here!

QA StereoChecker™

"Iris QA that actually took more than 4 hours was shortened to about 10 minutes." - Junji Suzuki, Ph.D.
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