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Machine QA

PIPSpro™ Software

An optimized workflow provides an automated analysis of QA tasks in a centralized location with immediate results.

PIPSpro™ Software part of complete solution for: Monthly QA

PIPSpro™ Software Overview

Filmless, Quantifiable TG-142 QA

Specialized suite of phantoms allows for EPID-based QA in TG-142 recommended procedures, including:

  • MV and kV imagers
  • Cone-beam CT
  • MLC QA tests
  • IGRT
  • Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz)
  • Radiation Field/Light Field
  • Star Shot analysis
  • Save up to $2500/year in film by upgrading to EPID-based QA for TG-142 tests.

Easy Analysis, Trending and Reporting

  • User-interface simplifies image analysis, data storage, historical trending and reporting to just a few clicks.
  • A central hub allows for quick access to TG-142 QA results from multiple computers, departments or sites.

New Results Dashboard

  • Overview of the last analysis results for a particular machine
  • Pass, fail, and alert results
  • Quick and easy review

Validated Performance

More than 100 publications validate the performance of PIPSpro and its specialized phantoms with a variety of imagers.

PIPSpro Software/Computer Requirements

  • Operating System
    Windows® 10 Professional, 64 bit recommended
  • Processor
    Dual Core, 1 GHz; Quad Core, 2 GHz Recommended
  • Memory
    32-bit OS: 2 GB, 4 GB Recommended 64-bit OS: 4 GB, 8 GB Recommended
  • Runtime Environment
    .NET 4.5.2
  • Hard Drive
    32 GB or greater, 3 GB free space for software setup. Sufficient space to store input image and/or MLC Log files. 5 GB free space if setting up a local copy of SQL Server Express; 25% free space recommended.
  • Screen Resolution
    1600×900 (16:9) or higher, 16-bit HiColor or greater
  • Optical Drive
    Digital Versatile Disc(DVD)
  • Virtual Machines
    Must support WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • Database Management
    SQL Server 2014 minimum recommended
  • Connectivity
    IPv4 LAN, 100 Mbit/s or greater


Tech Notes

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