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PIPSpro Software, Stereotactic

PIPSpro™ Software, Stereotactic part of complete solution for: Stereotactic CyberKnife

PIPSpro™ Software, Stereotactic Overview

Filmless, Quantifiable TG-142 QA

Specialized suite of phantoms allows for EPID-based QA in TG-142 recommended procedures, including:

  • MV and kV imagers
  • Cone-beam CT
  • MLC QA tests
  • IGRT
  • Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz)
  • Radiation Field/Light Field
  • Star Shot analysis
  • Save up to $2500/year in film by upgrading to EPID-based QA for TG-142 tests.

Easy Analysis, Trending and Reporting

  • User-interface simplifies image analysis, data storage, historical trending and reporting to just a few clicks.
  • A central hub allows for quick access to TG-142 QA results from multiple computers, departments or sites.

New Results Dashboard

  • Overview of the last analysis results for a particular machine
  • Pass, fail, and alert results
  • Quick and easy review

Validated Performance

More than 100 publications validate the performance of PIPSpro and its specialized phantoms with a variety of imagers.

Current Released Version

  • 5.6

Operating System

  • Windows 10 Professional (SP1) or better .NET 4.0 or better


  • Intel® or AMD®, 1 GHz or greater


  • 1 GB (3 GB recommended)

Hard Drive

  • 3 GB free space for software installation.
  • Sufficient space to store image data files.
  • 5 GB or greater if installing SQL Server Express on the install host.

Screen Resolution

  • 1152×864 XGA+(4:3)
  • 1600×900 (16:9) or higher
  • 16 bit HiColor or greater

DVD Drive

  • 2X speed or greater

Database Management

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 (or SQL Server Express equivalent) minimum, SQL Server 2014 recommended

Product Standards

  • CE, Designed to meet IEC 60601-1-4



    Pipspro main 1400

    Nov 12th, 2020 / PIPSpro: TG-142 Made Easy

    TG-142 is made easy using PIPSpro with true leaf speed and more than 30 procedures. The newest version of PIPSpro features easy analysis, trending, and reporting. Register to learn how to get quantifiable, repeatable results using PIPSpro with Hugh Petersen, Standard Imaging Product Manager.

    Jun 11th, 2020 / PIPSpro: Comprehensive TG 142 Imaging and Machine QA

    Get immediate results for the TG-142 tests using PIPSPro. Designed with an optimized workflow, PIPSpro provides an automated analysis of QA tasks in a centralized location.
    10 27 QA Fusion 2

    Oct 27th, 2020 / QA Fusion Part 2: PIPSpro

    Understand your machine QA at a glance and automate and save your TG-142 tests using QA Fusion.

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