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CT and MR Auto-Analysis Software

iQA Overview

Implement and standardize routine physics QA processes and automatically analyze images and generate reports for phantoms.

Measurement Made Easy

  • Controlled and repeatable test protocols with standardized critical measurements. It's a therapist-friendly process that effortlessly fits into your workflow. Simplified interface with step-by-step procedures.
  • View data from all sites in one location with a database that maintains historical data. Auto-generate reports and pass/fail results.
  • Easy access to the cranial insert and anterior insert pocket. Inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized using an open-face thermoplastic mask.

Software supports multiple sites and machines with automatic MRI distortion, daily IGRT and CT/SIM QA, administrator-defined QA analysis.

Comprehensive, Collaborative Software

  • Support multiple sites and machines.
  • Provides controlled, standardized, and repeatable QA procedures.
  • Implement and standardize routine physics QA processes with this efficient, easy software.


Tech Notes

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